Michigan Ground Snow Load Map

C7 Snow Loads

Determine the ground snow load for the geographic location (Sections 7.2 and C7.2). ... On the basis of the nationwide consistency of these values it was decided that only one snow load map ... 2%Annual Location record observed probability a Location record observed probability a ALABAMA MICHIGAN ...


Changes in Snow Load Calculations in ASCE 7-02

The basic ground snow map found in ASCE 7-02 was generated from ... amending IBC and IRC with their own state snow map. Several states, Michigan and New York to name two, have amended the IBC and IRC with their own state ground snow map ... Windward Roof Surface Leeward Roof Surface and Ground Snow Load W<20' ...



... calculate Roof Snow Load per Residential Building Code: 0.7 x pg (ground snow load) = pf (roof snow load) Roof Snow Load Examples: Above line: 0.7 x 60 psf = 42 psf Below line: 0.7 x 50 psf = 35 psf psf (pounds per square foot) ABOVE LINE 60 PSF 60 ground snow PSF BELOW LINE 50 PSF 50 ground snow PSF SNOW LOAD ...


Bureau of Construction Codes Technical Bulletin

Section 1608.2 of the code provides for ground snow loads. The Michigan Residential Code, while not directly referencing ASCE 7, can be interpreted that the ... This data sheet may be submitted at the time of application to provide the ground snow load, P g; the exposure factor, C e; the thermal factor, C t ...


IX. Wind, Snow, Seismic and Rain Data by U.S. County

The values given should only be used as a relative guide and the map should be referred to for the appropriate design parameters. Snow ... Climatological Data by County Revised 11/02 IX-2 LEGEND S : Ground snow load for 50-yr ... 40 105 32.80 8.90 5 7 Suffolk 50(900) 97 27.10 8.60 5 7 Worcester MICHIGAN 50 90 ...



MICHIGAN RESIDENTIAL CODE 2003 APPLICABILITY : A permit is required to construct, enlarge, alter, repair, move, demolish or change the occupancy ... GROUND SNOW LOAD = 25 LBS. PER SQ. FT. WIND SPEED = 90 MPH SEISMIC CATEGORY = C WEATHERING - SEVERE ASSUMED SOIL BEARING CAPACITY = 2000 LBS.


Technical Instructions

In such areas the national snow load map in ASCE Manual 7 does not present a ground snow load, but indicates that a snow load case study is needed.


Calculating Snow Loads for Flat

Calculating Snow Loads for Flat & Sloped Roofs Using the Building Code of New York State Step 1 Using Figure 1608.2 , find the ground snow load for your area.


Trusses, Roof Loads, and New Code Requirements

Figure R301.2(5) of the MRC shows the Ground Snow Load requirements for Michigan. A change has been made in the map from the 2000 MRC. The 70 pound snow load area has been extended to include all of Emmet and Charlevoix Counties, approximately the north a of Antrim County, and approximately the west a ...


Part III—Building Planning and Construction - CHAPTER 3 ...

Analysis for Oregon (including the ground snow load maps) published by the Structural Engineers Association of Oregon, December 2007. b. The values in this column were calculated using Exposure C.


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