Merrell Barracks Germany

A Farewell to Arms: The Nuremberg U.S. Military Community ...

Main entrance of Merrell Barracks (original photo: Tom Spahr / graphics: rijo ) ... More than for the rest of West Germany, the outcome of World War II created special rela

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Nuremberg & Graf - almost 40 years later In July 1971 Tom Spahr was assigned to the Headquarter Battery 3 rd of the 17 th Field Artillery located in Merrell Barracks in Nuremberg, Germany.

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The bare minimum during the closure of Smiley Barracks in Karlsruhe, Germany Group picture taken during our last barbecue with close friends in ... APO 09407 # McKEE BARRACKS, Crailsheim, APO 09751 # McNAIR BARRACKS, Berlin, APO 09742 # McPHEETER BARRACKS, Bad Hersfeld, APO 09141 # MERRELL BARRACKS ...

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