60mm | 2.4" Altazimuth Refracting Telescope

MEADE LIMITED WARRANTY Every Meade telescope and telescope accessory is warranted by Meade Instruments Corporation ("Meade") to be free of defects in materials and workmanship for a period of ONE YEAR from the date of original purchase in the U.S.A. Meade will repair or replace a product, or part thereof ...

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Instruction Manual Polaris 60AZ-D: 60mm (2.4") Altazimuth ...

©2003 Rev. C 0603 Instruction Manual Polaris 60AZ-D: 60mm (2.4") Altazimuth Refracting Telescope Meade Instruments Corporation 6001 OAK CANYON, IRVINE, CALIFORNIA92618-5200 U.S.A. (949) 451-1450 * FAX: (949) 451-1460 *

Meade Advanced Coma Free Optics

1 Meade Advanced Coma Free Optics A breakthrough in the performance of serial telescopes Why Meade ACF Optics? - Improved Sharpness in the field of view - Higher Contrast in the field of view - Higher limiting magnitude in the field of view The two images on the left side were made by Bernd Koch ...

ETX-90EC Astro Telescope ETX-125EC Astro Telescope

Once you have identified the accessories you wish to order, contact your local Meade authorized dealer.To find a dealer near you, call (949) 451-1450 or visit the Meade website at . #497 Au t o s t a r ™ Computer Contro l l e r : One of the most important advances in telescope control in the ...

Meade A Century of Experience

Safety Leading companies trust Meade for many reasons. But before we explain our state-of-the-art quality, superior performance and century-long track record, let's talk safety first.


Meade'ssuccessful Total Quality Management program was instituted, and the mission statement was established after theories of the country's business leaders were studied and adapted to Meade's needs.

Know Your Role - Volume 3 - Issue 7 - Final

Director’s Corner Know Your Role Strategic Update Army Stationing & Installation Plan (ASIP) FORT GEORGE G. MEADE’S STRATEGIC NEWSLETTER April 2011 Volume 3, Issue 7 The Army Stationing and Installation Plan (ASIP) gives Army planners consistent information to

Fort Meade 2011 t

2011 Fort Meade telephone direct o ry 1 coMMercial preFiX ..... 301-677-XXXX dSn preFiX ..... 622-XXXX Installation EOC (when activated) ..... 4444/4445/4446 Operator ..... 2300 eMerGency Fire ...

CT Scan of a Meade 2045D SCT

CT Scan of a Meade 2045D SCT Figure 6. This is the scope in the bore of the CT scanner. The dark ring on the scanner is the location of the x-ray tube and detectors.

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