TKAM Study Guide Chapters 5-12

TKAM Study Guide Chapters 5-12 Chapters 5-6 1. What does Scout do with Miss Maudie at summer twilight? 2. What term does Miss Maudie use for Mr. Radley: "he was a __ Baptist."


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William Payne Descendants

Hueytown Historical Society ( Last Updated: September 2005 William Payne Descendants Page 1 of 13 Contributed by: David Reed Descendants of William Payne Generation No. 1 1.

To Kill a Mockingbird Reading Guide

When Maudie‟s house begins to burn, what other possibility is the Finch family worried about? 5. Given what you know about Miss Maudie, explain her reaction to the loss of her house.

Maudie's Café & Catering Appetizer Menu

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Answer key for To Kill a Mockingbird

Miss Maudie gives her a pep talk and gets her to go back to the meeting. Chapter 25 16. How does Maycomb react to the news of Tom's death? They gossip about it for a few days and then forget about it.


(2) How did Jem and Dill cause Scout to become closer to Miss Maudie? What message was she trying to convey to Scout about Boo Radley? (3) Why was Jem willing to risk danger and ignore Scout's warning in order to retrieve his pants?

English 1A Name

Compare the reactions of Miss Maudie and the other ladies when Scout says she is wearing her “britches” under her dress. 3. What is your opinion of the Maycomb ladies, as depicted in this chapter?

To Kill A Mockingbird

To Kill a Mockingbird Chapter Guides - Chapter Five - 14 - In this chapter we are introduced to Miss Maudie.


Based on the description of Miss Maudie and her conversations with Scout, write a brief character analysis of Miss Maudie. Support your conclusions with e\.idence from the novel.

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