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UF AB FKAB Junoverken UMV Coating Systems Welcome to The Mattsson Group! The Mattsson Group consists of well positioned companies acting as technical system suppliers within the following business areas: Mechanics, Marine Engineering, Pulp & Paper and Wind Power.

UMV's patented coating metering element

The patented INVO ® Tip gives; excellent fibre coverage improved print quality increasing production energy savings cost reduction due to cheaper raw material excellent life time easy control of the coat weight and it fits all of the existing coaters on the market UMV has developed a ...

Marine Hybrid Electric Powertrain

Propeller Mattsson & Ja POD transmiss S transmission t system (Rolls r (Volvo Penta . sion (Rolls Roy (Volvo Penta . 2 Royce 2010) a. 2010) yce 2010) 2010)

Encrypting for Database Security

Safeguarding Enterprise Databases Encrypting for Database Security Ulf Mattsson Chief Technology Officer Protegrity, Intrusion Prevention for Databases.

ABC™ Coater

UMV Coating Systems AB is a supplier of blade coaters since 1960. The start was the well-known Billblade® Coater, which is installed worldwide, with more than 140 installations.

Research Statement for Brady J. Mattsson 1

Research Statement for Brady J. Mattsson 1 Introduction My research interests include questions about basic ecology and about how ecosystems change in response to management practices from fine patch scales to global scales.

Curriculum Vitae – Hannes B. Mattsson

Curriculum Vitae – Hannes B. Mattsson 1 . Name: Hannes Björn, Mattsson Date of birth: October 6 th. 1975 Place of birth: Uppsala, Sweden Citizenship:

INVO® Tensioner

... COATING UMV Coating Systems AB PO Box 162, SE-661 24 Säffle, Sweden, Tel: +46 522 982 80, Fax: +46 522 983 23, A company within ...

Johny Mattsson

Johny Mattsson Senior Software Engineer - C / C++ Resume - Story Edition Johny Mattsson Collingwood 3066, VIC Dual citizenship - Australia & Sweden Goals I love working in small companies where I can really make a difference and have a direct impact on the success of ...


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