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IV Calculations

Department of Mathematics, Sinclair Community College, Dayton, OH 1 IV Calculations Abbreviations D Dextrose W Water S Saline NS Normal saline RL Ringer's Lactate LR Lactated Ringer's NS Normal saline 0.9% ½ NS Normal saline 0.45% D5W or 5% D/W Dextrose 5% in water D5RL Dextrose 5% and Ringer's ...

Sample Medication Calculation Problems

Sample Medication Calculation Problems (Need practice with IV calculations? Scroll farther down for IV Calculation Problems) Do as many or as few as you need to increase your confidence in nursing calculations Problem #1 Your 4 year old pediatric patient weight 40 pounds.


Recall from Chapter 1, Essential Math Review, that the denominator of a fraction indicates the number of total parts and that percent means "per 100.

PHARMACOLOGY – UNIT VII: Drug Measurement, Dosage ...

Units of Measurement and Conversions OBJECTIVES/RATIONALE Basic math principles are important in providing quality client care when pharmaceuticals are involved and knowledge of various measurement systems is essential in proper dosage calculation for client safety.

AD N Practice IV Push Dosage Calculations

Nov-07 NU3003_A.docx Nursing Division AD N AD N Practice IV Push Dosage Calculations Practice IV Push Dosage Calculations 1. Medication order: Phenytoin (Dilantin) 200 mg IVP Available: Phenytoin 100 mg/2 mL Directions: Give undiluted at a rate not to exceed 50 mg per minute.

Fundamentals of Mathematics for Nursing

5 MATH REQUIREMENTS One of the major objectives of nursing is that the student be able to administer medications safely. ... The program uses realistic problems and provides all the information needed to solve them. MED PREP DOSAGES & SOLUTIONS IM MEDS

Medical Dosage Calculations Course Design

HCE 116 May '01 Medical Dosage Calculations 2 Competencies and Performance Standards 1. Review math. Domain-- Cognitive Level-- Comprehension Importance-- Essential Difficulty-- Medium Criteria-- Performance will be satisfactory when: learner demonstrates the ability to solve the variety of ...

Nursing Division

Every 6 minutes or 10 times in 60 minutes 3. 10 times x 0.5 mg dose = 5mg 4. 5 mg/hr = Answer LEARNING ACTIVITIES FOR OBJECTIVE 5: Read Henke's Med Math, Chapter 9 (pages 252-262) Complete SELF TEST 1 (page 283) Complete SELF TEST 2 (pages 287-290) OBJECTIVE 6: Calculate dosages and flow rates for weight ...

Pharmacy Calculations Training Package

Introduction to the Module This module has been produced by the Yorkshire Medicines Management Technicians Group to assist in the training and development of the Medicines Management Technician's role.


Microsoft Word - FINAL Nurse Aide Practice Test Items with answers 1-10

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