PNW0533 F ERTILIZING WITH M ANURE A Pacific Northwest Extension Publication Washington • Oregon • Idaho Andy Bary, Craig Cogger, Dan M. Sullivan This publication is designed for the small to mid-sized crop producer (organic and conventional) to assist the producer in more efficiently ...

Horse Stable Manure Management

1 Horse Stable Manure Management G-97 Eileen Wheeler, Assistant Professor Jennifer Smith Zajaczkowski, Senior Research Technologist M anure handling is a necessary evil of stable management with horse owners naturally preferring to ride rather than clean stalls.

Beef Cattle: Manure ~anagement*

Beef Cattle: Manure ~anagement* N. Andy Cole United States Department of Agriculture, Agricultural Research Service, Bushland, Texas, U.S.A. Michael S. Brown West Texas A&M Universit~ Division of Agriculture, Canyon, Texas, U.S.A. Vincent H. Varel.

Final Report Manure P Literature Review

Evaluation of the opportunity for manure treatment/processing technologies to achieve manure phosphorus balance Final Report Manure P Literature Review

Solid/Liquid Separation of Hog Manure

Solid/Liquid Separation of Hog Manure Utilizing a Settling Tank EXECUTIVE SUMMARY - OVERVIEW Some livestock producers, particularly in South Eastern Manitoba, do not have a large enough land base to utilize the P in manures if current regulations for soil P levels and P loadings are to be met.

Manure: Nutrient Management and Field Application

Contents • Environmental Concerns Potential Economic Benefits Summary of Pollution Prevention Practices Summary of Regulations Background Information for Worksheet Questions - How many "animal units" do you have per acre of land to which manure is applied?

Generally Accepted Agricultural and Management Practices for ...

In the event of an agricultural pollution emergency, such as a chemical/fertilizer spill, manure lagoon breach, etc., the Michigan Department of Agriculture and/or the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality should be contacted at the following emergency telephone numbers: Michigan ...

Fertilizer Nutrients in Animal Manure

Division of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources • Oklahoma State University F-2228 Oklahoma Cooperative Extension Fact Sheets are also available on our website at: In addition to meat, livestock and poultry operations produce another valuable commodity—manure.

Pathogens in Manure

Pathogen in Manure 1 Pathogens in Manure John H. Kirk, DVM, MPVM Extension Veterinarian School of Veterinary Medicine University of California Davis Tulare, CA Many potential pathogens for livestock as well as humans can be found in manure of both livestock and poultry.

Manure Management Guidelines for Western Washington

- 1 - Manure Management Guidelines for Western Washington Project Coordinators: Dave Grusenmeyer, WSU Cooperative Extension - Whatcom County Becky Peterson, WSU Cooperative Extension - Whatcom County April, 1995 Funded in part by: Washington State Department of Ecology Centennial Clean Water ...

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