Manitowoc 4100

Manitowoc 4100W

Manitowoc 4100W This load chart has been adapted from the original manufacturer's load chart for use in the NCCERMobile Crane Certification Examination.


manitowoc 4100 series 2.xls. manitowoc 4100w series 2 boom no. 22c with open throat top 146,400 lb (66.4t) crane counterweight 60,000 lb (27.2t) carbody counterweight 26` 6" (8077 mm) crawlers extended boom length radius 21.34 24.4 27.43 30.48 33.53 36.58 39.62 42.67 45.72 48.77 51.82 54.86 57 ...


Rodson Universal Inc Ref dk1007 MANITOWOC 4100 WS2 Year: 1981 Capacity: 200 tons Main Boom: 260 ft #27 Hook blocks: 300 tons & Ballhook Counterweight: Standard Engine Type: Cummins NT 855-C360 Diesel Remarks: 130 ft Type 22 Mast, 3 Sheave Lower Point Block & 3 ...


Load Chart & Rigging LEARNING GUIDE Friction Lattice Crane Manitowoc 4100W Series 2 (1) CraneSafe Certification + Fulford Harbour Group LG2 Introduction These 3 questions are for you to use to help get ready for the load chart part of the CraneSafe Certification assessment for ...

Lampson Manitowoc 4100W Ringer Crane

47 Lampson Manitowoc 4100W Ringer Crane The Manitowoc 4100 ringer is designed to reach into the high places. The ringer attachment allows for a larger counterweight further away from the centre of rotation to allow for greater capacity, and also a larger boom and jib.

Special Feature 40 years of the 4100W

A MANITOWOC CRANES MAGAZINE A MANITOWOC CRANES MAGAZINE Volume 7 Issue 4 English 16000 on site 16000 on site Special Feature 40 years of the 4100W Job Site Report New Grove truck crane Conference Report Manitowoc Crane Care Special Feature 40 years of the 4100W Job Site Report ...

"Helping You Stay on Schedule & Budget"

"Helping You Stay on Schedule & Budget" Manitowoc 16000 sets rotater blades at a wind power project in Texas. ... Toll Free Sales: 888-991-4100.

300-Ton Ringer Crane Barge for Lease

The 4100 Manitowoc Ringer Crane is in excellent condition through out. Interest parties should contact Gene Huber at 1.386.490.1132 or 1.321.207.0715 or Ringer Crane Barge 260' x 74' x 14' US Flag Equipped with: ...

NexSentry 4100 SERIES Access control systems

Section 2: System Descriptions 2-1 SECTION 2: SYSTEM DESCRIPTIONS The NexSentry 4100 series controller , manufactured by WSE, provides access to a controlled building through the use of digital command cards, ...

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