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Learning huruf hijaiah (arabic alpahabet), including the makhraj (pronunciation) With visuals, audio and interactive capability-you get more attentive students learning Al-Qur'an Learning Al-Qur'an, the effective way !


Makhraj (pl. Makharij ) - Place of origin of the sound. (Will discuss further in the next Lesson). Quran AlMahdi Madrasah Notes Adapted from Shia Ithna-asheri Madressa of London 4 PRACTICAL 1 1) Learn the correct pronunciation and meaning (simplified) of: øÁæÎêUìj»A ...


Qur'an Page 2.24 LESSON 2.16: HARAKA - FATHA (MAKHRAJ): Revision of Makharij learnt last week. äg ò¦ ä~ äÊ ä` äp äx äk äP ò¢ äT äª äÕ òA A lot of huruf have very similar sounds, ...

Reach the Goal Via Tajweed Rules

Knowing the Makhraj and Sifaat of each letter is an important part of Tajweed. Sometimes two letters have very similar exits which makes mixing them up easy.

Huroof-Letter pronunciation

Q Read TAFKHEEM means fattening and TARQEEQ means thinning. The method of making a letter have the characteristic of tafkheemis focusing the pressure of the letter to the roof of the mouth.

Tajweed Lecture 2

What is LAHN JALEE? • Incorrect Makhraj or Sifat (Not to pronounce letters from the correct place of articulation and their respective qualities) • Addition (To add on letters to words) • Omissions (To take off letters from words) • To replace replace Harakah with Sukoon and vice versa ...

Al-Azhar Institute

Huroof (letters) - Is concerned with pronunciation of letters correctly from their Makhraj (place of origin), with their Sifaat (qualities) and the relationship of letters to other letters and words. 2.

Atttt----TTT Ta aa arrrrtttteeeeeee ellll

Tajweedis to recite every letter from its makhraj (place of articulation) with all its sifaat (qualities). Thus there are two parts to tajweed: 1.

QURAN SYLLABUS - CLASS 4 (7 years old)

Makhraj (pl. Makharij ) - Place of origin of the sound. (Will discuss further in the next Lesson). Aya (pl. Ayaat ) - One verse of the Qur'an. Sura (pl. Suwer ) ...


BAB KETUJUH: MAKHRAJ (CARA SEBUTAN) HURUF 1. PENGERTIAN MAKHRAJ HURUF: Makhraj bermaksud tempat keluar suara huruf-huruf al-Quran. Para ulama' bersepakat menetapkan jumlah huruf-huruf Hijaiyyah) **** ** (atau abjad huruf al-Quran sebanyak 29.

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