Maize (Zea mays L.)

Maize (Zea mays L.) USA: Corn; French: Mais; Spanish: Maiz; Italian: Mais; German: Mais Crop data Annual. Harvested part: grain, used for human and livestock consumption.

GHANAGHANAGHANA - Maize, Soya and RiceMaize, Soya and ...

Millennium Development AuthorityMillennium Development AuthorityMillennium Development Authority 4 th Floor, Heritage Tower 6 th Avenue, Ridge West

The art and design of genetic screens: maize

Maize has been the subject of genetic studies since Gregor Mendel used it to confirm some of his earlier findings in the garden pea 1. Since then, maize has been used as a model organism for a range of studies, from developmental to epigenetic.


General Background The International Centre for the Improvement of Maize and Wheat provides a range of information along with world maize facts and trends in the publication 'Meeting World Maize Needs: Technological opportunities and priorities for the public sector', this publication can be ...

Maize production

2003 Compiled by Directorate Agricultural Information Services Department of Agriculture in cooperation with ARC-Grain Crops Institute Printed and published by the Department of Agriculture

Field Crop Manual: Maize - A Guide to Upland Production in ...

Field Crop Manual: Maize A Guide to Upland Production in Cambodia Senior authors: Stephanie Belfield and Christine Brown

101. Maize production efficiency in Kenya

Adoption of a New Maize and Production Efficiency in Western Kenya By Mignouna, D.B.; Mutabazi, K.; Senkondo, E.M.; and Manyong, V.M. Contributed Paper presented at the Joint 3

Maize in Word and Image in Southeastern Mesoamerica

42 Introduction 578 Vocabulary 579 Narratives 583 Sayings, Metaphors, and Beliefs586 Conclusion 597 Glossary Atole Boiled maize dough in water, often combined with other additives to make a ceremonial drink.

Maize Comprehensive Plan

Chapter One - Introduction Comprehensive Planning A comprehensive plan is the principle document outlining a municipality's direction, policy, and action for the future.


1 BIOLOGY OF MAIZE 1. GENERAL DESCRIPTION 1. GENERAL DESCRIPTION 1. GENERAL DESCRIPTION 1. GENERAL DESCRIPTION 1. GENERAL DESCRIPTION Maize or corn ( Zea mays ) is a plant belonging to the family of grasses ( Poaceae ).

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