Parent Access to Student Webgrades

1 Parent Access to Student Webgrades LTOnline for Parents LTOnline is 24/7 access to school information via the internet! • School Announcements & Customizable Calendar • Lunch menu and child's lunch fund balance • View assignments and class information for classes taught by teachers with ...

LTOnline for MSDLT Teachers

2 How to get to your H:/drive Click E-desk . You will see all the contents of your H:/ drive. Find a file that you want to edit. • First, if you are accessing this from anywhere outside of the school system , you will need to download the file you want to edit onto the hard drive of the ...

LTOnline for Students

2 Logon on using your network name and password: How to get to your H:/drive Click E-locker . You will see all the contents of your H:/ drive. If you have a file within a particular folder, you will need to DOUBLE click on the folder to open it.

Webgrades Access Parent and Student

Parent Access to Student Webgrades How does a parent access their student’s webgrades? • Parents access their student’s webgrades by going to LTOnline .

An Introduction to LTOnline

9/30/2003 Page 2 Contents 1. Glossary of Terms 2. Overview of LTOnline 3. E-Locker 4. Bookmarks 5. Skyward 6. Gradekeeper 7. Calendar 8. Reference Tools Glossary of Internet Terms Downloading - To 'grab' a file from the Internet and store it on your local computer.

How To Access Your Webgrades

How To Access Your Webgrades 1. Go to the Lawrence Township website at 2. Click on LTOnline. 3. Log in using your full name and lunch number.

Lawrence North High School

Teachers post student's progress on a secure on-line grade book program that can be accessed by students and parents via LTOnline, the township's student/parent resource portal.


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If you have a aluminum computer refer to instruction sheet or LTonline tech for knock module information. Check our web and instructional DVD's and videos for all your LTneeds.

Lawrence Central High School

If you do NOT already have a parent username and password to LTOnline: 1. Go to 2. Click on the link that reads: "PARENTS: Click here to learn more about obtaining a username and password to log into our site."

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