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Review of the theoretical underpinnings of loyalty programs

Review Review of the theoretical underpinnings of loyalty programs ConorM. Henderson ⁎, Joshua T. Beck, Robert W. Palmatier Department of Business Administration, Foster School of Business, University of Washington, Seattle, WA, USA Received 1December 2010; received in revised form 1 February ...


Attrition Rate As It Relates to Employee Loyalty and Retention

2 ABSTRACT When the rate of attrition impacts negatively on an organization's budget and on the experience base of the personnel, measures should be taken to solve the problem.


Cutting Edge Customer Loyalty: Retail Best Practices for ...

Cutting Edge Customer Loyalty: Retail Best Practices for Acquiring, Retaining, and Re-engaging. Customers . March 2009 . Sahir Anand, Chris Cunnane


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Creating Customer Value, Satisfaction, and Loyalty

9/5/2008 1 Chapter 4 Chapter 4 Creating Customer Value, Satisfaction, and Loyalty 4-1 Chapter Questions How can companies deliver customer value, satisfaction, and loyalty?



1 foreword Edwina and I founded dunnhumby just over twenty years ago. Right from the beginning, the company has been based on a single idea: If companies put their customers first in every decision, they become their customer’s


Incentive Program Pricing Demystified

Demystifying Incentive and Loyalty Program Pricing Advantage: Program costs are spread out more evenly and the value focus of the arrangement is on the use of Loyalty works' systems, ...


Customer retention, loyalty, and satisfaction in the German ...

* Corresponding author. Tel.: #49-203-379-3109; fax: #49-203-379-2656. E-mail addresses: gerpott@uni-duisburg.de (T.J. Gerpott), wolfgang.rams@telekom.de (W. Rams), andreas.schin-dler@t-mobilnet.de (A. Schindler).


Perspective Airline Loyalty Programs

Perspective Airline Loyalty Programs . Pankaj Narayan Pandit Abstract . Airline loyalty programs, or frequent flyer program (FFP), are the harbingers of today’s sophisticated CRM programs.


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