LocoNet Personal Edition

DIGITRAX Inc, ©Copyrighted information (see introduction): LocoNet Personal Use version 1.0 Page1 of 15 LocoNet ® ® Personal Use Edition 1.0 SPECIFICATION: Digitrax Inc., Panama City, FL 32404 October 16, 1997 ©Copyrighted material, all rights reserved.


LocoNet® and LocoNet® Cables

LocoNet and LocoNet Cables 2 doing things the recommended way. Many photos and illustrations aid in understanding the instructions. Care of LocoNet cables before, during, after and between train shows is also important as the RJ plugs can be easily damaged, or a wire in the cable broken.


LocoNet® Fast Clock Large Version

3 1. Introduction Thank you for purchasing a Logic Rail Technologies product. The LNFC-L provides remote fast clock display capability and works in conjunction with the network fast clock found on Digitrax command stations such as the DCS100.


USB 2.0 to LocoNet® Interface

Table of Contents Contact Information. Overview..... 1 1.0 Features ..... 1 2.0 Quick Start..... 1 3.0 Connections and Indicators..... 1 3.1 USB Connector..... 1 3.2 LocoNet® Connector ..... 2 3.3 Power Connector..... 2 3.4 Status Indicators..... 2 4 ...


LocoNet for non Digitrax layouts

Using Digitrax Devices on a Non Digitrax DCC Controlled Layout By Elmer McKay The following information was written to help the Non-Digitrax user - use, control, and interface


LocoNet for nonDigitrax layouts-rev3

Using Digitrax Devices on a Non Digitrax DCC Controlled Layout - Rev. 3 LocoNet for nonDigitrax layouts-rev3


LocoNet Utility Throttle Manual

1.0 UT1 & UT2 Utility Throttle Features & Specifications ·The UT Throttles are "traditional" hand held DCC throttles. The UT Throttles are laid out with a single knob for speed control and a simple toggle switch for direction.


RS232 Serial to LocoNet® Interface

RR-CirKits 7918 Royal Ct. Waxhaw, NC USA 28173 http: //www.rr-cirkits. com sales@rr-cirkits. com 704-843-3769 Service: 866-884-2793 Fax: 704-243-4310 October 17, 2004 LocoBuffer-II RS232 Serial to LocoNet ...


SV Programming Message Formats Version 13

<SRC> 7bit source address for the device issuing the programming command. 0x0 to 0xF: typically PCs 0x10 to 0x7F: other LocoNet devices <SV_CMD> Specifies the SV access type 0x01 = SV write: write 1 byte of data from D1 0x02 = SV read: initiate read 1 byte of data into D1 0x03 = SV masked write ...


USB-LocoNet-Interface 63 120

USB-LocoNet-Interface 63 120 Important Information - please be sure read!!! The USB-LocoNet-Interface connects the PC directly with LocoNet and serves to connect all LocoNet Digital centers without their own PC interface with a PC.


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