LM137/LM337 3-Terminal Adjustable Negative Regulators

The LM137/ LM337 areideal complements to the LM117/LM317 adjustable positive regulators. Features nOutputvoltage adjustable from˛1.2Vto˛37V n1.5Aoutputcurrent guaranteed, ˛55˚Cto+150˚C nLineregulation typically 0.01%/V nLoadregulation typically 0.3% nExcellent thermal regulation, 0.002%/W n77 ...



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Actel Selector Guide

... Low Noise, LDO Micropower Regulators SO-8 LT1761MP 100mA, Low Noise, LDO Micropower Regulators in SOT-23 ThinSOT-5 JAN S Power Products Part Number* Description Package Basic LTC Part** JM 38510/117 03 0.5A I OUT Positive Voltage Regulator TO-39 LM117 JM 38510/117 04 1.5A I OUT Positive Voltage Regulator TO-3 LM117 JM ...


Landmark Technology Backlight Inverters

As a result, the inverter output power is increased to about 45 Watts maximum making it suitable to drive the backlights in Landmark 15" LCD modules ( LM117, LM120, LM126, LM128 and LM132 family of LCD modules).


Orientation schedule 2011

LM117 Bachelor of Science in Science Choice has a two day Orientation Programme Course Date Welcome Session Enrolment Course Meeting LM117 B.Sc. Science Choice 01/09/2011 UCH @ 09h00 EG0-10 @ 11h50 LG011 @10h30 LM117 B.Sc. Science Choice 02/09/2011 An Information morning on the different streams on offer to new ...


MyFleet: Boat Monitoring System

LM117/LM317A/LM317 3-Terminal Adjustable Regulator , National Semiconductor, Oct. 20, 2008. [3] GPS 15H& 15L Technical Specifications , Garmin International Inc., 190-00266-01 Rev. D, Feb. 2006. [4]


Liturgy Formation 2008-2009

... Sacraments of Initiation: RCIA March 3, 4, 2009 (select one) LM122 Sacraments of Initiation: Infant Baptism,Confirmation, & First Communion March 10, 11, 2009 (select one) LM110 Sacraments of Healing March 17, 18, 2009 (select one) LM116 Funeral Liturgies March 24, 25, 2009 (select one) LM117 Wedding ...



LM117 Functional Block Diagram, Basic Regulator, Adjustable Regulator, Precision Current Limiter, Battery Charger, Current Limited Charger, Macromodel, Data Sheet Testing, Ripple Rejection, Output Impedance,


Guide to the 2008 IEEE Radiation Effects Data Workshop Record

... Voltage Comparator Analog Devices √√ H LM119 Voltage Comparator National Semiconductor √√ H LM139 Voltage Comparator National Semiconductor √√ H LM185 Voltage Reference National Semiconductor √√ H LM2941 Voltage Regulator National Semiconductor √√ H HS-117RH Voltage Regulator Intersil √√ H LM117 Voltage ...


Landmark Technology

The 2,400 Cd/m 2 sunlight readable LCD such as Landmark LM117-150XA03 looks very good for most of the outdoor scenes. The display performance becomes marginal only under the brightest outdoor environments.


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