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To aid in design the following thermal information is provided: BaseP/N LCC (§ C/W) i jC (§ C/W) i ja Flatpak W (§ C/W) i jC (§ C/W) i aC Leadless Chip Carrier LH0002 20-Lead 60 80 LH2111 14-Lead TBD 185 LM101/A 10-Lead 26 233 LM108/A 10-Lead 21 225 LM111 20-Lead 21 90 10-Lead 24 231 LM117 20-Lead 5 88 LM118 10-Lead TBD TBD LM119 20-Lead 5 89 10-Lead TBD ...


An Advanced Direct-Digital VFO

The 3.3 and 9 V regulators were implemented with the well-known, adjustable National LM117 metal-can devices. The metal-can packaging was chosen to provide ease of heat sinking.


Note: Transformer and bridge should be capable of current ...

In addition, C1 must be at least 30V Note: Design based on LM117 app note, page 12 (Adjustable Regulator with Improved Ripple Rejection) Use jumper block to set output voltage. 5K pot for variable output 2K for 12V 1.47K for 9V 698 for 5V {Doc} A Variable Voltage Supply A 1 1 Sunday, December 24, 2000 Ross ...


The Entry level Board for LPC2138 Simple Low Cost All port I ...

Product Datasheet www.EmbeddedMarket.com Janta Board for LPC2138 6 And the voltage regulator: C3 10 uF 5V C1 3V3 U2 LM117(3.3V) 3 1 2 VIN AD J VOUT J1 CONN JACK 1 2 3 U1 LM117 (5V) 3 1 2 VIN AD J VOUT C2 0.1uF D1 LED 5V 0.1uF C4 47 uF R2 560E


Digital Speedometer

Parts Used Motorola M68HC11 EVBU board LM117 Voltage Regulator 18V AC Power Supply Hall Effect Sensor Rectifier Chip Ring Magnet 12V DC motor


LT1038 - 10 Amp Positive Adjustable Voltage Regulator

The device is packaged in a standard T0-3 power package and is plug-in compatible with industry standard adjustable regulators, such as the LM117 and LM138.



ISSUE 11 — November 2011 Page 7 of 12 pages CANCELLATION LM117-15 Cancelled, offer LM117-20 NEW ITEM Desk Lamp, triple fluorescent bulb-type Professional, high-power workstation desk lamp with 3 x 14W, energy-saving, fluorescent, daylight wavelength tubes giving a wide pool of pure light (6500 o K).



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This regulator unlike the first generation of the three-terminal regulators such as LM117 that required 3V differential between the input and the regulated output, only needs 1.3V differential to maintain output regulation.


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