Guard Llamas: A part of integrated sheep protection

Pm-1527 | Revised | July 1994 Coyote predation on sheep Guard llama with sheep gathered at his side. Coyote predation on sheep has been a problem for many years.


Back Country Llama Drinking Habits

Back Country Llama Drinking Habits by Jim Krowka T he first time I heard the topic of llamas and back country drinking habits discussed was at an RMLA conference in Colorado in 1985.


Llama Lactation

Llama Lactation David E Anderson, DVM, MS, Diplomate ACVS; Bruce L. Hull, DVM, MS, Diplomate ACVS D D iseases of the teat and udder of llamas and alpacas have received little attention.


Choosing a Driving Llama

14 April 2006 www.lamalink.com Most all llamas can pull a cart. We are looking for the llamas that can actually drive the cart on command. I don't want to count out any llamas, but if we choose correctly, we can have better results in less time.


ILA Educational Brochure # 9

Wool samples from 39 U.S. llamas tested by the University of California at Santa Cruz during the 1984 ILA conference in that city averaged 20-22 microns in diameter.


LLama Facts for New Owners

1 Llama Facts for New Owners International Llama Association Educational Brochure #3 Welcome to the fascinating world of llamas! If you have recently purchased or are thinking of acquiring your first llama, you are joining a rapidly growing group of llama enthusiasts around the world.



Llamas Introduction Llamas are woolly, gentle animals that come from south America and are sometimes described as 'unusual'or'exotic'pets. Llamas like Alpacas are types of 'camelids'.


Recent Research in Llama Nutrition

Recent Research in Llama Nutrition Robert J. Van Saun, DVM, MS, PhD, Diplomate ACT and ACVN Bradford B. Smith, DVM, PhD College of Veterinary Medicine Oregon State University Vitamin D Related Problems in Llamas and Alpacas Abnormal bone growth is a commonly diagnosed problem in young growing ...


Llama Association of Southern California 25th Anniversary

3 Maryann Baker & Joann Selby 7-11-1998 Wally Baker & Betty Cracchiola 4-11-1998 Merle & Sharon Watson with Vasquez Nov. Mtg. 1996 Eileen Ditsler, Cindy Dietrich, and Susan Lewis 10-9-1998 Bob Cuervo and Bill Cracchiola LASC History First llama enthusiast's get together at M Lazy M Ranch. ( Now Llamas of ...


Youth Project Manual

PROJECT PURPOSE And GUIDELINES This project is designed to provide the 4-H member the opportunity to improve their knowledge and understanding of llamas, while developing their leadership, sportsmanship and showmanship skills.


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