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The Economic Lives of the Poor

1 The Economic Lives of the Poor Abhijit V. Banerjee and Esther Duflo October 2006 Abstract This paper uses survey data from 13 countries to document the economic lives of the poor (those living on less than $2 dollar per day per capita at purchasing power parity ) or the extremely poor (those ...

Lives of the Necromancers

Table of Contents Lives of the Necromancers ARISTEAS.....37 HERMOTIMUS ...

Saving Lives, Saving Money:

Massachusetts Hospital CPOE Initiative CPOE Initiative Advisory Committee Mitchell Adams, Executive Director, Massachusetts Technology Collaborative Marylou Buyse, MD, President, Massachusetts Association of Health Plans Jeffrey East, President and CEO, Masspro Wendy Everett, ScD, President, New ...


second global patient safety challenge safe surgery saves lives world alliance for patient safety

Office on Smoking and Health

Save Lives, Save Money Make Your Business Smoke-Free Office on Smoking and Health

The Hidden Lives of Galaxies

Educational Product Educators & Students Grades 9-12 EG-2000-08-003-GSFC National Aeronautics and Space Administration The Hidden Lives of Galaxies An Information & Activity Booklet Grades 9-12 2000-2001 (Updated 2005) Imagine the Universe!

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—Much in These Shining Lives is inspired by this searing, absorbing investigation into the origins, events, and aftermath of the tragedy and landmark cases of the "Radium Girls" in both Illinois and New Jersey.

Estimating the Lives Saved by Seat Belts and Air Bags

Glassbrenner, 1 ESTIMATING THE LIVES SAVED BY SAFETY BELTS AND AIR BAGS Donna Glassbrenner National Center for Statistics and Analysis National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Washington DC 20590 Paper No. 500 ABSTRACT We present a nontechnical discussion of changes made to the ...

The 100,000 Lives Campaign: A Scientific and Policy Review

621 November 2006 Volume 32 Number 11 The authors were invited by the Journal to prepare a comm entary on the Institute for Healthcare Improvement's 100,000 Lives Campaign, which had recently observed the end of its initial 18-month effort.

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