Fifteen suggestions for optimizing your LinkedIn Profile

Advice from some of today's leading LinkedIn experts and thought leaders

Company Pages

What's your Company Page? It's your company's pro*le of record on LinkedIn and a powerful way to reach millions of professionals through word-of-mouth recommendations and trusted testimonials.

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How to Build a Professional Student LinkedIn Profile Think of your LinkedIn profile as an interactive business card. It's a summary of your professional experience, interests, and capabilities that is designed to attract the attention of important people who are searching for you online ...

LinkedIn Tutorial

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What is LinkedIn? LinkedIn is a social network with over 53 million users that enables you to make better use of your professional network and help the people you trust in return.

LinkedIn Surveys

The World's Largest Professional Network is Now the World's Premiere B2B Sample Provider for Market Research

LinkedIn Recruiter

Unlock the power of the LinkedIn network with Recruiter, designed specifically for your busy corporate staffing departm ent. You may already be using LinkedIn to locate exceptional candidates you can't find anywhere else.

Executive Branding and Your LinkedIn Profile

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TTG Consultants Carnegie Mellon University WHY LINKEDIN .COM ..... 1 SURVEY RESULTS ..... 2 CONCLUSION & TIPS .... 3 Job Search Game “If you don't have a profile on LinkedIn, you're nowhere”

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