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200 Doctors Drive Panama City, FL 32405 Phone: 850-784-7724 710 Hospital Drive Crestview, FL 32539 Phone:850-398-8480 COLLATERAL LIGAMENT TEAR Ligaments are those structures within us that connect one bone to another.

Anterior Cruciate Ligament Ganglia and Mucoid Degeneration ...

AJR:182, May 2004 1283 Anterior Cruciate Ligament Ganglia and Mucoid Degeneration: Coexistence and Clinical Correlation OBJECTIVE. The purpose of our study was to describe the MR appearance and coexistence of anterior cruciate ligament ganglia with mucoid degeneration and to address the clinical ...

Equine Tendon and Ligament Injuries

Equine Tendon and Ligament Injuries A veterinarian discusses common tendon and ligament injuries, and offers advice on recovery. By Janice Posnikoff, DVM 5-1-2006 After his long winter off, you’ve put your horse through a springtime conditioning regimen, and he’s ready for competitions ...

Cyst of the Falciform Ligament of the Liver

Fig. 1-A, CT scan of liver. Water-density mass in region of falciform ligament (arrowheads). Part of left intersegmental fissure (arrow). B, Sonogram confirms totally cystic nature of mass (arrowheads) with posterior backwall enhancement. c, intraoperative photograph of cyst of falciform ...

Acute Scapholunate and Lunotriquetral Dissociation

Intercarpal ligament tears may be acute or chronic. This chapter will focus on the surgical treatment of acute SL and LT tears. Before proceeding with a discussion of open SL reduction and ligament repair, ...

Tendons & Ligaments

Many athletic horses suffer tendon and ligament injuries, which can end a competitive life if not handled quickly and effectively


Cruciate ligament injury can be interstitial stretching or complete rupture. This is usually in the mid-substance of the ligament and rarely with avulsion of the femoral origin or tibia1 insertion.

Ligament injuries in the thoracic region—for you and your clients 107 This article focuses on pain stemming from the ligaments in the thoracic region. While these injuries are less common than their counterparts in other areas of the spine, they still cause a great deal of suffering for many people.

The Function of the Hip Capsular Ligaments: A Quantitative Report

2 Abstract Purpose: To analyze the anatomy and quantitative contributions of the hip capsular ligaments. Methods: The stabilizing roles of the medial and lateral arms of the iliofemoral ligament, pubofemoral ligament, and ischiofemoral ligament are examined in 12 matched pairs of fresh frozen ...

Rehabilitation of Tendon and Ligament Injuries

Rehabilitation of Tendon and Ligament Injuries CarolL. Gillis, DVM, PhD A carefully controlled rehabilitation program combined with a regular ultrasound examination provides the best chance for equine athletes to return to full performance following tendon or ligament injury.

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