Monografie, sborníky a články vydané v letech 1967-1989

après / sous la direction de Zdenek Mlynar et Jiri Pelikan. Paris : La Decouverte/Maspero, 1983. 221 s. BURENS, Peter-Claus: Die DDR und der "Prager Frühling" : Bedeutung und Auswirkungen der tschechoslowakischen Erneuerungsbewegung für die Innenpolitik der DDR im Jahr 1968.


Ballistic Missile Defense: Historical Overview

1 For a 25-year review of the major BMD technology thrust, see CRS Report RL33240, Kinetic Energy Kill for Ballistic Missile Defense: A Status Overview , by Steven A. Hildreth.


World Bank Document

Produced by the Research Support Team Abstract The Policy Research Working Paper Series disseminates the findings of work in progress to encourage the exchange of ideas about development issues.


Library of Congress - Federal Research Division Country ...

Library of Congress - Federal Research Division Country Profile: Iraq, August 2006 1 Click to Enlarge Image Click to Enlarge Image COUNTRY PROFILE: IRAQ August 2006 COUNTRY Formal Name: Republic of Iraq (Al Jumhuriyah al Iraqiyah).


Expansionary Austerity: New International Evidence

Expansionary Austerity: New International Evidence Jaime Guajardo, Daniel Leigh, and Andrea Pescatori WP/11/158


ATough Job for Donald Duck: Czechoslovakia and Hollywood 1945 ...

Projekty ATough Job for Donald Duck: Czechoslovakia and Hollywood 1945-1969 The aim of the research The aim of this PhD dissertation is to examine the relationship between Czechoslovakia and American film industry from 1945 till 1969 in the broader context of the studies of Hollywood and Europe.


Anthrax Powder: State of the Art?

Although the investigation seems focused on the idea that the Senate powder could have been "homemade," some experts say that's improbable


Sidste nyt fra Letech

Sidste nyt fra Letech PLC programmering med struktur! Lars er ansat pr 1/8-2009 og vil være an-svarlig for vores el- og software design. Lars har stor erfaring med programmering og optimering af udstyr til medicinalindustrien og bringer derfor en masse know-how med til Letech.


China in the 2010s Rebalancing Growth and Strengthening ...

China in the 2010s: Rebalancing Growth and Strengthening Social Safety Nets OECD contribution to the China Development Forum 20-22 March 2010 Beijing


Development of Airport Simulations

January 9, 2000 TRB 2 Introduction Airport Simulation Model (LTI-ASM) •Previously called SIMMOD Turnkey System •Designed and developed by LeTech Incorporated •Developed basing on users' needs and requirements Joint-Venture Program (LeTech-IATA) •Exclusively licensed to IATA for marketing ...


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