How to Read a Ruler

Copyright 2009 LessonSnips www.lessonsnips. com How to Read a Ruler An English ruler consists of twelve inches. Twelve inches make up one foot. When looking at a ruler, we need to have a good grasp of fractions in order to read a ruler.


A Closer Look at Plants

Suggested Pre-Activity: Parts of a Plant http://www.lessonsnips.com/lesson/partsplant Supplemental Activities: The Great Plant Escape http://urbanext. illinois.edu/gpe/ Plant Life http://www.catie.org.uk/PL_plant_life_page.html How Do Plant Grow?


Lesson Plan #2

Lesson Plan #2 Lesson: Action Verb Lesson with Book, Game, and Video Length: 45 minutes Age or Grade Level Intended : 2 nd Grade Source: Taken from www.lessonsnips. com and Emily Gallmeyer Academic Standard(s): Writing: English Language Conventions 2.6.4 Identify and correctly write various ...


_Quia- Level B Rocks

How might it have formed? 1. * This rock was found near a volcano in Hawaii. It is black, hard, and smooth. At one time it was a liquid. Copyright 2009 LessonSnips v,ww.iessonsnips.com


A Collection of Activities

Consider using the free Arthropod handout by Lesson Snips ( www.lessonsnips. com/docs/pdf/arthropods.pdf ). Activity: Pass out hula-hoops or string-rings, pencils, paper, and other optional materials.


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