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Weed of the Week Narrow-leaved Cattail Typha angustifolia L . Common Names: cattail, narrow-leaved cattail, narrow-leaf cattail, narrowleaved cattail Native Origin : Eurasia Description : An erect aquatic freshwater perennial in the cat-tail family ( Typhaceae ) growing 3 to 6 feet tall.


Narrow-leaved Vervain Verbena simplex

Telephone: (508) 389-6360/Fax: (508) 389-7891 www.nhesp.org Description: Narrow-leaved Vervain ( Verbena simplex ), is a perennial herb of circumneutral to basic outcrops or ledges.


Plant Guide

Broad-leaved cattails are common throughout the United States and temperate and tropical places worldwide (Hickman 1993). Typha latifolia occurs in coastal and valley marshes at elevations lower than 2,000 m.


Blunt-leaved Privet Ligustrum obtusifolium

Description: Ligustrum obtusifolium is a semi-evergreen to deciduous, large foliage shrub in the olive family. Its leaves are opposite, simple, oblong, 1 to 2 inches long, dark green above and lighter below with a rounded or blunt tip and base.


Orthocarpus tenuifolius Thin-leaved Owl Clover

T hin-leaved owl clover was collected on July 1 or 2, 1806 near Traveler's Rest in present-day Missoula County. Meriwether Lewis collected four additional plants during that two-day period, including bitterroot ( Lewisia rediviva ).


Identification of the Heath-Leaved Cypress, Chamaecyparis ...

Baileya 23(2), pp. 57-67. 1989. Identification of the Heath-Leaved Cypress, Chamaecyparis thyoides ‘Ericoides’ (Cupressaceae) Regis B. Miller Center for Wood Anatomy Research, USDA Forest Service,


Cornel-leaved Aster Doellingeria infirma (Michx.) Greene

Cornel-leaved Aster Doellingeria infirma (Michx.) Greene (formerly Aster infirmus Michx.) State Status: Endangered Federal Status: None Description: The Cornel-leaved Aster ( Doellingeria infirma ) is a slender, erect, perennial herb of the aster family (Asteraceae).


Approved NSW and National Recovery Plan, Diploglottis ...

Approved NSW and National Recovery Plan, Diploglottis campbellii, Small-leaved Tamarind, December 2004


Botrychium acuminatum - acute-leaved moonwort

Michigan Natural Features Inventory P.O. Box 30444 - Lansing, MI 48909-7944 Phone: 517-373-1552 acute-leaved moonwort, Page 1 Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Best Survey Period


Broad-leaved Evergreens in the Arnold Arboretum

Broad-leaved Evergreens in the Arnold Arboretum. 61 ~ ] ARNOLDIA A continuation of the BULLETIN OF POPULAR INFORMATION of the Arnold Arboretum, Harvard University VOLUME 17 7 DECEMBER 27, 1957 NUMBERS 11-12 BROAD-LEAVED EVERGREENS IN THE ARNOLD ARBORETUM NOW is the time of the year when the ...


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