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Learning Styles Again: VARKing up the right tree!

Understand ing how we learn Students and teachers need a starting place for thinking about, and understanding, how they learn. Self-knowledge is a good start.


Listen, Learn, Act

Listen, Learn, Act 2 Listen, Learn, Act Selected Writings by Michael W. Smull on Essential Lifestyle Planning, Self-Determination, and Organizational Change Support Development Associates 3245 Harness Creek Road Annapolis, MD 21403 (410) 626-2707 mwsmull@compuserve.com January, 2000


Learn Latin Online: Lectio Secunda

Latin Phrases Salve/Salvete - Hello! Vale/Valete - Goodbye! (Sum) bene/male - (I am) well/bad Quid agis?/Quid Agitis - How are you? Mihi nomen est … - My name is…


The McGraw-Hill Companies

McGRAW-HILL RESEARCH FOUNDATION Policy Paper: Lessons from PISA 1 WHAT THE U.S. CAN LEARN FROM THE WORLD'S MOST SUCCESSFUL EDUCATION REFORM EFFORTS By Dr. Steven L. Paine, Vice President, Strategic Planning and Business Development, CTB/McGraw-Hill Formerly Superintendent of Schools, West ...


Welcome to MAXI- LEARN™ !

Welcome to MAXI- LEARN™! An Exciting Active Learning Process to help students learn pharmacology Can be used for classroom assignments and preparation for clinical days The goal of MAXI-LEARN ™ is to move the knowledge from the students' pockets to their brains! !


McGraw-Hill Higher Education. Connect. Learn. Succeed.

xx McGraw-Hill Higher Education. Connect. Learn. Succeed. McGraw-Hill Higher Education's mission is to help prepare students for the world that awaits.


Learn the Lingo: Design Patterns

Learn the Lingo: Design Patterns presented by JeremyBytes.com ©Jeremy Clark 2011 Page 1 Learn the Lingo: Design Patterns An overview of Design Patterns by JeremyBytes.com Overview You probably use design patterns in your software development without even realizing it.


FINANCIAL Calculator

Overview of Calculator Operations The .learn Financial Calculator is designed to resemble one of the most popular financial calculators BA II Plus by Texas Instrument.



Fraction Feud Skills: Comparing fractions Materials: 1 deck of "Fraction Feud" Cards Number of Players: Two or more Ages: 8+ Playing the Game The object of the game is to win the most "battles" and to have the most cards at the end of the game!


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