Why Aren’t My Lantanas Blooming

Question: Why did my 'New Gold' lantanas bloom so poorly last year and how can I do better this season? Why Aren’t My Lantanas Blooming


CARE OF LANTANA HANGING BASKETS Nothing is more colorful than a basket of trailing or hanging lantanas. These annuals do a double duty in the garden for they attract hummingbirds and butterflies and withstand heat and humidity blooming until frost.

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Floor plans and renderings are artists' conceptions and may differ from finished homes THE COMPLETE OFFERING TERMS ARE IN A PLAN AVAILABLE FROM SPONSOR.

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© Copyright by Starr Nursery and Mountain States Wholesale Nursery 1999 LANTANA SPECIES 'NEW GOLD' OUTSTANDING FEATURES: Since Lantana species 'New Gold' is virtually seedless, it blooms longer and more profusely than 'Gold Mound' or other common mounding lantanas.


Figure 1. The red-flowered lantana is very toxic. Photo: D. Stock, QDPI&F. SePTemBeR 2008 PRImeFACT 673 RePLACeS AGFACT P7.6.42 mANAGING LANTANA Lantana Rod Ensbey Regional Weed Control Coordinator, Grafton Introduction Lantana ( Lantana camara ) and creeping lantana (Lantana montevidensis ) are ...

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Queensland Primary Industries and Fisheries 2 Lantana—A Weed of National Significance Lantana ( Lantana camara L.) is one of Australia's most damaging invasive weeds.

Growing Lantana in Louisiana

Growing Lantana in Louisiana Native of tropical Americas and West Africa, the lantana is a common bedding plant in the South. This publication provides information on culture, watering, fertilization and several other topics of Lantana camara (common lantana), Lantana hybrids and Lantana ...

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common pest on Lantanas. Diseases: Fungal Root Rot. Banditos are generally disease free, but can get Fungal Root Rot in overly saturated media, especially under dark, cloudy growing

Choose the Right Lantana for Yo

Choose the Right Lantana for Your Landscape Choose the Right Lantana for Your Landscape Photo by David W. Marshall, UF-IFAS Leon County Extension: Lantana is a very drought-tolerant perennial flower for our landscapes.

The Lantana Mess A Critical Look at the Genus in Florida

D ON ' T S HOOT THE M ESSENGER Because the low-growing, yellow-flowered lantanas in cultivation vary so much in leaf characteristics, growth habit, and other dissimilarities, I remain very skeptical whether or not pure unadulterated Lantana depressa var. depressa is being cultivated in the ...

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