Lacquers for Wood - Then and Now

This discussion will focus on lacquers and related products used for wood finishing.

OMEGALAQ® Liquid Temperature Lacquers

F-19 OMEGALAQ ® Available in the Following Degrees °F °C °F °C °F °C °F °C 175 † 79 400 204 750 † 399 1250 † 677 200 † 93 425 218 800 427 1300

LAQ Series : Temperature Indicating Tabs, Crayons, Lacquers ...

F-15 OMEGASTIK ® Crayons STK Series Description: A temperature melt material in stick form. General directions for use: Suitable for both smooth and rough surfaces and for determining all temperatures.

Plastic Laminates, 3M Photogard, and UV-Absorbing Plastic Filters

Print Lacquers Portrait and wedding photographers frequently coat color prints with a spray lacquer (currently available photographic lacquers generally are made with transparent cellulose nitrate [nitrocellulose] plastic dissolved in a mixture of solvents, plasticizers, and, in many cases, matting ...

Tips to help in application of Maclac Low VOC compliance Lacquers

Tips to help in application of Maclac Low VOC compliance Lacquers The Maclac 550 G/L (grams per liter) compliance lacquers for architectural coatings are supplied at spray viscosity.


W'Thix L 7904 79 linseed oil 18 max. 10 (del. form) max. 15 12.000-22.000 (C35/1, 200/s) 94 % in xyleneHigh solid clear lacquers,wood glazings, and high solid primers.

CATALYZED FINISHES From The College of Wood Finishing ...

CATALYZED FINISHES From The College of Wood Finishing Knowledge by Ron Bryze There are many different types of catalyzed finishes; lacquers, conversion varnish, polyurethanes, polyesters and even some vinyl sealers.

Thickeners for waterborne paints, lacquers, adhesives and ...

TAFIGEL ® PUR - Associative Polyurethane Thickeners 3 VKFC - 05/99 1. Overview TAFIGEL ® PUR thickeners of MÜNZING CHEMIE GmbH are designed to cover a wide range of viscosity profiles.

HYDRO LACQUERS, COLOURLESS - Hints for handling and ...

12 Hesse Hydro lacquers are environmental-consciously formulated materials based on acrylates and acrylate-PUR with water as thinner. In many cases, clear Hydro-lacquers are applicable as multicoat lacquers, i.e. they are


PLASTI-KOTE (TEMPO PRODUCTS CO -- 131-24 OMEGA-LACQUERS ===== MSDS Safety Information ===== FSC: 8010 MSDS Date: 06/11/1993 MSDS Num: BXLPL LIIN: 00F040437 Product ID: 131-24 OMEGA-LACQUERS MFN: 01 Responsible ...

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