The Labyrinth

Abstract This paper is about religious and spiritual practice in postmodern times. The interface between the Christian faith and contemporary culture is discussed by focusing on the contemporary labyrinth set up in St Paul's Cathedral by alternative worship groups in London.

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Sales•Portable and permanent labyrinths •Consulting•Design•Installation•Training•Rentals 128 SlocumAvenue , St. Louis, MO 63119• (800) 873-9873• GETTINGA PERMANENT LABYRINTH by Robert Ferre, master labyrinth builder I receive many requests for ...

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The Labyrinth

Page 2 of 11 Introduction The labyrinth has fascinated my father for over 40 years when a friend introduced him to the concept of the Theseus and Ariadne myth in which the labyrinth is introduced.

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101 Ways to Use a Labyrinth

101 Ways to Use a Classical Labyrinth Medical Center of Central Georgia - Macon, Georgia © 2000 Daniel H. Johnston, Ph.D. Recently I was reading a book on how to make effective presentations.

Labyrinth: The Walking Prayer

Labyrinth: The Walking Prayer. The labyrinth is a model or metaphor for life. The Christian life is often described as a pilgrimage or journey with God, a journey in


LABYRINTH www.insight.type Page 1 Team building games help young people develop a range of skills to do with cooperation, problem solving, decision-making and leadership.

Community of the Labyrinth

There are three stages of the walk: First, shedding —a releasing, letting go until reaching the center. Second is illumination —a place of meditation and prayer (center) in which you receive what is there for you to take on the third stage.

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128 SlocumAvenue, St. Louis, MO 63119• (800) 873-9873• Global Harmony Labyrinth Como Park, St. Paul, MN To offer a less expensive alternative to scoring and hand coloring the labyrinth, we developeda method to mask off the pattern and then shoot it with polymer ...

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