Estonian Economy

At the end of last year the state had material capital assets totaling 67.7 billion kroons and biological assets, of which forest makes up the biggest part, worth 28.4 billion kroons.


Assets and property of the applicant and members of the applicant's household: Information about the real property (location, size, manner of use, condition, year of putting the building into use) and its value in Estonian kroons:

About the Agricultural Registers and Information Board ...

In 2003, ARIB allocated over 1.1 milliard kroons for supports. After Estonia has joined the European Union, the total amount of support ARIB will allocate in 2004 reaches 2.3 milliard kroons.

The Epistemological Argument against Descriptivism

Forbes [1989], Kroons [1983], and Recanati [1993] attempt for carve neo-Fregean views which falsify the Non-A priori Premise. 3 The premise actually needs to be qualified to make room for the possibility that one may have a priori knowledge if one uses a definite description to fix the reference of N ...


In 2005, construction work in the Baltic region was performed for 66.1 billion kroons which is 13.1 billion kroons higher than in 2004. The sector's fastest growth occurred in Latvia, where the market grew in current prices by 29.0 per cent in a year and reached 17.5 billion kroons.

ASBG 7 Biological Assets (Amended in 2005)

Hence the cost of new assets added in 2005 is: a) the cost price of one litre of milk of 7.5 kroons [ (0.9 x 50 000)/(10 x 600) ] b) the cost price of one kid of 1 000 kroons (0.1 x 50 000)/5 The recognition of kids born in 2005: D Biological assets (kids, asset account) 5 000 C Profit/loss from ...


The Fund Management Company paid management and performance fees totalling 147 115 522 kroons (2006: 103 209 811 kroons) and issue and redemption fees totalling 3 820 154 kroons (2006: 2 893 701 kroons).

Dual circulation period in Estonia

Correspondingly, to the relatively large proportion who still had kroons, 14% of the Estonian consumer cash payments still involved the outgoing currency - 11% of the transactions were still exclusively paid in kroons.

European Union Structural Funds

In the case of enterprises, the amount of assistance will depend on their size and location. The upper limit of assistance per project is 936,000 kroons per year and 2.34 million kroons total per three years.

Intrastat Manual 2010 English

statistical threshold for dispatches of goods is 1.7 million kroons and for arrivals of goods – 2 million kroons. The Intrastat report should be submitted:

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