Social Security Programs Throughout the World: Europe, 2010 ...

142 ♦ SSPTW: Europe, 2010 Iceland Iceland Exchange rate: US$1.00 equals 124.45 kronur. Old Age, Disability, and Survivors Regulatory Framework First laws: 1909 and 1980.


Treasury expenditure in January-August 2001 (In million krónur) % Increase 1999 2000 2001 1999-20002000-2001 Administration..... 12,545 14,412 14,893 14.9 3.3 General administration..... 7,040 8,055 8,663 14.4 7.5 Justice and law enforcement..... 5,505 ...


Treasury expenditure in January-July 2001 (In million krónur) % Increase 1999 2000 2001 1999-20002000-2001 Administration..... 10.993 12.679 13.881 15,3 9,5 General administration..... 6.209 7.145 7.766 15,1 8,7 Justice and law enforcement..... 4.784 5.535 ...

Gerður Ísberg1 The interbank currency swap market

The principal of The way that a swap works is that one party buys/sells dollars against krónur at a spot rate (in a spot trade) and at the same time makes a forward agreement to sell/buy US dollars against krónur after a specific time at a specific rate known as the forward rate (in a forward trade).

Principal tax rates

There is a basic annual tax credit which amounted to 329,948 krónur a year in 2004, increasing to 339,846 krónur a year in 2005 and to 348,343 krónur in 2006.

Arnór Sighvatsson: The logic behind the capital account ...

The problem with the latter option is that, for the short term, the supply of krónur is too large in comparison with long-term investors’ capacity to invest.

Foreign Coins Manufactured at US Mints

In 1895, beginning with Ecuador, coins for foreign countries have been produced almost every year up until 1984, nearlya 100 year time span, at which time all excess minting capacity in the US was dedicated to producing modern commemoratives and other numismatic issues. Only 1 coin, the 1000 Kronur for ...

Icelandic Case and the Structure of Events

ACC in middle lagi. song. DAT b.*Fimmtíu krónur geta keypt einn bolla af fifty crowns. NOM can bought one cup. ACC of kaffi. coffee. DAT c.*Bókin seldi í 10.000 eintökum. NOM sold in 10,000 copies.

CCAQ Salary Survey Manual

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Chronicle of economic events 2006

The tax is imposed on income in excess of 4,191,686 krónur for each individual and twice that amount for a couple. É The seaman's special tax credit will amount to 787 krónur per day in 2006. É The interest rebate maximum in respect of homeowners' interest expenses incurred in buying their own home ...

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