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vat 3 iso 9001:2008 certified domestic taxes department monthly tax return and banking slip ( use for monthly returns only) (for other payments see note 2) return for the month of ……….. …………….. 20 ………….

This is a sample VAT 3 Return and not for use.

VAT3 RETURN (and PAYSLIP) Please complete below, detach and return This is a sample VAT 3 Return and not for use.

VAT 3A 6th June 2011

iso 9001:2008 certified monthly vat input analysis 1. pin 2.

Kenya Revenue Authority Project: ITMS Phase I User Guide (M2)

ITMS Phase I Kenya Revenue Authority File name: ... to search for specific tax return, including: • 210 VAT 32 • 201 VAT 3A • 202 VAT 3B • 200 VAT 3 • Tax Period, ...

VAT Exemption Procedures - Kenya

According to KRA it should take about 3 days for the VAT application to be approved. However from experience it can take between 2 to 3 weeks. 5.


Registration for VAT is now through theKRAOnline Services Partal: http/www.kra.go. ke/portal. 3. ... ln8tax deduction means deducting on the VAT 3 the VAT charged on purchase of stock, ...

Kenya Revenue AutJh:oJrity

.31,31 Capital Investment Claims. OrigfoalVAT4 duly completed and signed.. Al:iditofs certificate where the amount is Ksh.l:000,000 and above. .. C~P~(s~;oLtheVAT 3-return(s) .for the claim perh:j([-, '

Domestic Taxes Department

Rev. 2009 VALUE ADDED TAX CAP 476 3 CHAPTER 476 THE VALUE ADDED TAX ACT ARRANGEMENT OF SECTIONS PRELIMINARY Section 1 - Short title and commencement. 2 ... "authority" means the Kenya Revenue Authority established by the Kenya Revenue Authority Act.

Tax Bulletin Kenya - Withholding Tax and Withholding VAT

Withheld VAT is required to be remitted weekly on Monday of each week or as agreed with KRA. o On withholding VAT, ... clarified by the VAT department that the total of all the VAT 32A Certificates should be deducted under line 13 on the VAT 3 Return supported by a schedule.


microsoft word - tax compliance certificate application form. tax compliance certificate application form tick against type of clearance required 1) bidders for public tenders 2) liquor licensing 2) liquor licensing 3) customs' clearing agents 3) customs' clearing agents 4) immigration clearance ...

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