PowerPC 64-bit Kernel Internals

PowerPC 64-bit Kernel Internals David Engebretsen, Mike Corrigan, Peter Bergner IBM Rochester, Minnesota fengebret,mikejc, [email protected] Abstract This paper describes the internals of anew implementation of Linux for IBM's 64-bit PowerPC processors.

Methods to Improve Bootup Time in Linux

Kernel Function Duration time ide_init 3327 time_init ~500 isapnp_init 383 i8042_init 139 prepare_namespace ~50 calibrate_delay 24 Note: Times are in milliseconds.

A Complete Linux Debugging Solution: Kernel, Driver, and ...

APPLICATION NOTES 1 Overview Note: This application note applies to SourcePoint™ version 6.3.1 and higher and Linux kernel version 2.4 or 2.6. Arium's SourcePoint debugger offers a number of important capabilities to users who are working on Linux-based embedded systems: •Full symbolic ...

The Gaussian kernel is defined in 1-D, 2D and N-D respectively as

3. The Gaussian kernel "Everybody believes in the exponential law of errors: the experimenters, because they think it can be proved by mathematics; and the mathematicians, because they believe it has been established by observation" (Lippman in [Whittaker1967, p. 179]). 3.1 The Gaussian kernel ...

23. Kernel, Rank, Range

23. Kernel, Rank, Range We now study linear transformations in more detail. First, we establish some important vocabulary. The range of a linear transformation f: V!


BIOGRAPHY Brian Taylor is founder and president of Kernel Season's LLC, America's number one brand of popcorn seasoning. As president, Taylor oversees all aspects of the company, including product development, operations, sales and marketing.

Linux on Cell -Kernel

1 Systems and Technology Group Course Code: L2T1H1-30 Linux on cell -kernel 5/17/2006 ©2005 IBM Corporation Linux on Cell -Kernel Course Code: L2T1H1-30 Cell Ecosystem Solutions Enablement

Kernel designs explained

Introduction Fifteen years ago, in 1992, two heavyweights in the field of operating system design were entangled in what would become a classic discussion on the fundamentals of kernel architecture (Abrahamsen (no date) ) .

Approximate Kernel k -means: Solution to Large Scale Kernel ...

Approximate Kernel k -means: Solution to Large Scale Kernel Clustering Radha Chitta [email protected] Rong Jin [email protected] edu TimothyC. Havens [email protected] AnilK.

Kernel PoolExploitation on Windows 7

Kernel PoolExploitation on Windows 7 Tarjei Mandt [email protected] Abstract. In Windows 7, Microsoft introduced safe unlinking to address the growing number of security bulletinsaecting the Windows kernel.

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