Kelsey Hayes Abs Systems

There is one group of vehicles that seem to have more false ...

This group includes Chevy, GM and Ford 4WD trucks equipped with Kelsey Hayes EBC310/325 4-wheel ABS systems. These trucks all have one thing in common that make them more susc eptible to false activation.


The recall covers only 1.1 million GMC and Chevrolet trucks containing the Kelsey Hayes EBC4 anti-lock braking systems (ABS). ... GMC switched from the EBC4 to the EBC310 model of the Kelsey Hayes ABS unit.

System Operation

T he Kelsey-Hayes 4WAL ABS system has been used on many GM light trucks through the years. ... Some 4WAL systems use two rear speed sensors; others, ...

staying energized at all times, resulting in a constantly ...

This is not the case in some Kelsey Hayes ABS systems. Figures 1 and 2 show the EBC4 and EBC310 systems used on many Chevy and GM trucks.


interactive distance learning anti-lock brake specialist: kelsey hayes four wheel anti-lock braking systems 4wal learning guide cars knowledge network

General ABS Service

The Kelsey-Hayes rear-wheel antilock systems, used on light trucks and SUVs, ... Anti-Lock Brake System (ABS) Diagnosis and Repair Task: Diagnose, service, ...

Four ABS - Training MASTER

Anti-Lock Brake System ... Proper training to recognize and understand the differences between ABS systems and how they function will be necessary, ... represents control valves used on the Kelsey-Hayes RWAL system and the Delco VI system.

ASE 5 - Brakes - Module 10b Delphi ABS

Trucks .....Kelsey Hayes 4WAL S ... antilock brake system (ABS): ... similar to those for other Delphi Chassis antilock systems. If a DTC sets, the ABS warning lamp will illuminate and ABS will be


DESCRIPTION The Kelsey-Hayes 4-Wheel Anti-Lock (4WAL ... ANTI-LOCK BRAKE SYSTEM Article Text 29 ..... Fig. 16 35 ... vehicle computer and memory systems may lose memory data.

Understanding Brake Systems

There are various designs of vehicle braking systems that require a specific type of parts replacement to keep the vehicle ... • SUV & Light Truck ABS This three-hour course discusses Kelsey-Hayes 4WAL fundamentals of the ABS microprocessor and hydraulic control circuit and also covers proper ...

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