Julius The Pig Activities


But it was a big pig. His name was Julius. Maya's Mom and Dad did not like Julius. He was messy. He ate a lot of food and left crumbs on the bed.



_____ Julius likes anything blue and stretchy. 3. _____ Maya teaches Julius to be a good pet. 4. _____ Julius likes to play rock and roll records.


Comprehension Strategy:

Theme 1: Silly Stories Selection 2: Title: Julius Author: Angela Johnson Illustrator: Dav Pilkey Genre: Fantasy Some stories tell about things that could not happen in real life.


Quia Reading Comprehension Activities

Quia Reading Comprehension Activities Honors Chemistry Overview Quia reading comprehension activities are short, online "quizzes" that serve as a vehicle for distributing course reading, notes, and activities.


"The BAC Attack"

Target Audience • Third-grade students • Designed for use in the class- room or nonformal group set- tings Minimum Time Needed • 20 minutes for activity one • *0 minutes for activity two (Designed for *0-*5 students) Skill Integration • Health • Science/microbiology • Sequencing ...


Germs Make Me Sick

Activities Make a poster of Rules for Good Health. Crossword puzzle on page 11 Word Scramble on page 12 Go to www.coloringbookfun.com/dot/imagepages/image17.htm for a printable dot-to-dot.



Julius - Angela Johnson, Orchard Books, 1993 Additional Titles Truffles in Trouble - Catherine Anholt, Little, Brown & Co.,1987 ... Activities Pig Nose-Make a pig nose out of pink petit-four size cupcake liners or use the pattern on the


Houghton Mifflin Reading Overview

Houghton Mifflin Reading Overview Grades 2-6 Grade 2.1 Silly Stories 2.3 Dragon Gets By Fantasy 2.4 Julius Fantasy It's Easy to Be Polite 2.5 Mrs. Brown ... Finding the Titanic Non-Fiction Iceberg Right Ahead 4.0 By the Shores of Silver Lake Historical Fiction Finding Her Way The Case of the Earthenware Pig ...


Lessons from Literature Classroom Manual

Lesson: Lord of the Flies Part III Culminating Activities 1 Ad Campaign Create a commercial (such as a TV ... when he lifts his knife to kill the piglet, and his promise for the next time he meets a pig ... may be inside the boys themselves (chapter 5) You may choose to introduce Being a Boy , by Julius ...


Houghton Mifflin Reading - California 2003 Additional ...

... Theme 1: Silly Stories Dragon Gets By the short a and i sounds can did plant mask trap fix flat flip hat as sad bat bad jam cab lap ant gas pig six hit pin him milk drip hid ... Houghton Mifflin Reading - California 2003 Additional Spelling Words Grade 2 Houghton Mifflin Reading 2003 Grade 2 Spelling Rule Easy Average Challenge Julius ...


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