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The Steel Joist Institute's new CJ-Series Composite Steel Joist catalog


Limiting the span/depth ratio of the I-joist may also improve floor performance. 6.5 Joist Bearing Bearing design for wood I-joists requires more than consideration of perpendicular to grain bearing values.

30763 steelwise joists

MARCH 2007 MODERN STEEL CONSTRUCTION W Joist the Facts steelwise March 2007 A successful and economical steel joist project relies on such factors as providing the right information to the joist manufacturer

SJI First Edition CJ-Series Standard Specifications for ...

The Steel Joist Institute (SJI) has developed a standard specification for the design of composite steel joists, the CJ-Series, in response to a growing need to have a consistent design

JOIST INSPECTION City of Palo - additional requirements may ...

Palo Alto Municipal Code (PAMC) The information provided in this document is general and intended as a guide only. Each project is unique and

SCSJ-002 Steel Joist catalog

open web, longspan, and deeplongspan steeljoists, and joistgirders scsj-002 steel joist catalog

By P.J. Moran, P.E., and Eric JEnsE - Providing the proper ...

economical joist selection guide and pick a standard joist. Today, however, steel joists have evolved into structural support components with


Joist Trakā„¢ speeds tubing installations for radiant heating applications and greatly improves the overall heat output when compared to staple-up and double-groove

Wood I-Joists Awareness Guide

I-Joist Design Span tables and other load charts are reviewed by the applicable evaluation services (e.g., International Code Council Evaluation Service) and state or local building code authorities.

Designing Joists with End Moments

Page 1 of 14 Designing Joists with End Moments A Resource for the Specifying Professional I. Design Resources: Steel Joist Institute - Technical Digest #11 - Design of Joist Girder Frames provides guidance and a design example of obtaining the design loads for a joist - joist girder moment frame.

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