CopperLock ® (549L)

05900 (61549L SS) Peach Seed Jigged Dark Red Bone 06218 (101549L SS) Smooth G-10 Micarta 08221 (61549L SS) Rattlesnake Jigged Smooth Antique Bone 93682 (I1549L SS) ...


Sowbelly (TB39)

Sowbelly (TB39) YEARITEM # KNIFE DESCRIPTION CHECKLIST 2001 01307 (TB6339 SS) Peach Seed Jigged Amber Bone 02042 (TB6339 SS) Smooth Old Red Bone with Serialization in Tin 02245 (TB6339 SS) Smooth Peacock Appaloosa Bone 02439Case XX Select: (TBB339 SS) Smooth Waterfall Celluloid 02559SMKW ...



Cleaning Bones -- page 1 of 4 CLEANING BONES Stephen P. Nawrocki, Ph.D., D.A.B.F.A. University of Indianapolis Archeology & Forensics Laboratory GENERAL GUIDELINES • Biohazard procedures may be required when cleaning bones, particularly if they are from a recent forensic case or animal roadkill.


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DATA SHEET Lightweight Fill / Structure Backfill 1. Chemical Stability - ¾" Minus Lightweight Fill Cal-Trans Labs 1/15/95 CTM 643 Minimum Resistivity 27,018 ohm-cm CTM 417 Water Sol. Sulfate 5 ppm CTM 422 Water Sol. Chloride 5 ppm Anacom Testing Lab 11/10/94 CTM643 pH 7.3 CTM 643 Minimum ...


Bulk Density (“Unit Weight”) and Voids in Aggregate ... Discussion—Voids within particles, either perme able or impermeable, are not included in voids as determined by this test method. 4. Significance and Use


The chestnut horse, upset and confused, continued to toss her ...

The chestnut horse, upset and confused, continued to toss her head as she jigged down the rail.


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Tensile Strength: 10,000 psiperASTMD638 Impact Strength: 2.3 ft.-lbs./in. per ASTMD256 Coefficient of Friction: 0.2 Dielectric Strength: 500V/mil per ASTMD149 Hardness: RockwellM: 94 per ASTMD785 Coefficient of Thermal Expansion: 6.8×10-5 in./in./°Fper ASTMD696 Weather Resistance: For indoor use.


#09 Spoon Jigging for Trout

especially jigged spoons. Everything discussed about trout also applies to kokanee. KROCODILE ...


Westside-Kelowna Electoral District Map Redistribution 2008

WTK_ED WTK_ED. Westside-Kelowna Electoral District Map Redistribution 2008!!!!! Fintry Provincial Park S h o r t s C r e e k City of Kelowna District Municipality of We stside Vernon Lake Country District Municipality of Peachland Central Okanagan Regional District Thompson-Nicola Regional ...


#09 Spoon Jigging for Trout

Many times they will susp end from 60 to 80 feet or even deeper and this is when a jigged spoon can be deadly. Rainbows and cutthroats prefer open water and cruise at various depths, ...


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