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IQRA' INTERNATIONAL EDUCATIONAL FOUNDATION Skokie Blvd | Skokie | IL phone: | fax: | toll free 1-800-521-4272 email: orders@iqra org | | by Grade Level A complete system of Islamic Education which implements modern educational methodologies ...

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This fantastic textbook is part of a series of IQRA’ books for young children that have been written especially for the study of life of the Prophet Muhammed (peace be upon

About Arabic K-12

1 of 15 Textbook Reviews Review of the Arabic Language K-12 Textbook Series Iqra' by Mrs. Rajaa Aquil of the NCLRC Center for Applied Linguistics and Georgetown University *© - June 2004 In each newsletter, the NCLRC will initially feature reviews of textbooks for the teaching of Arabic K-12 in ...

Mandatory Pre-Bid Conference: September 13, 2011

... (IQRA) Ladies and Gentlemen: The United States Agency for International Development ... and absence of proper text-books are cited to be the key reasons for this low level of learning.


4 IQRA COLLEGE, ILORIN RECOMME*DED ... C.I. Erondu AFRICANA FEP ISLAMIC*RELIGIOUS*STUDIES * * * 1 Islamic Studies for SSS Books 1 and 2 B.Aisha Lemu I.P.B. LAGOS 2 The Religion of Islam Mohammed Ali I.P.B. LAGOS 3 Shariah: ...


MashaAllah Iqra’s PTO has been very active this year. ... If your child is younger, curl up in a comfortable chair and read some favorite books together.

V. Accounting and Auditing Training

37 V. Accounting and Auditing Training his chapter describes accounting and auditing education and training in Pakistan. It is structured as follows: 1-Introduction 2-Public Sector Training 3-Institutional Training 4-Continuing Professional Education (CPE) 1.


... 583-7510 IQRA ISLAMIC SCHOOL *Certified by the province of British ... per month or $1,300 per year Fourth Child $120 per month or $1,200 per year Fifth Child $110 per month or $1100 per year BOOKS & AGENDA: Kindergarten $ 60.00/year (Covers books & school agenda) Grades 1 ...


Reading : Students progress from gaining familiarity with Arabic and primary level reading (Iqra series books 1-6) up through fluent reading (Quran).

IQRA' Preschool Curriculum

We at Iqra' International Educational Foundation are grateful to Allah ... subjects and cover graded text books, workbooks, enrichmmt literature, pare11tltencher

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