INVERTEC®V100-S & V130-S

ADVANTAGE LINCOLN For scratch start TIG mode using DC-polarity, a 1/16" or 3/32" tungsten is recommended. Little or no tungsten contamination is observed due to the high switching speed of these inverter power sources.


2 Declaration of conformity Dichiarazione di conformità Konformitätserklärung Declaración de conformidad Déclaration de conformité Samsvars erklæring Verklaring van overeenstemming Försäkran om överensstämmelse LINCOLN ELECTRIC EUROPE B.V. Declares that the welding machine: Dichiara ...

Stick Welders: Invertec V155-S

Invertec ® V155-S Portable. Professional. Rugged. Affordable. STICK WELDERS TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS Rated Output Dimensions Product Product Current /Voltage/Duty Cycle Input Current@ Hx WxD Net Weight Name Number Input Power (104°F, 40°C) Rated Output (1) Output Range inches (mm) lbs.(kg ...


Technical Specifications Input Max. Amps @ Open Dimensions Product Product Output Input Rated Output Rated Circuit H x W x D Net Name Number Range AC Voltage Amps/Volts/Duty Cycle Output (1) Voltage inches (mm) Weight 115V/1/50/60 80A/ 23.2V/ 20%Stick 26.7 (15A Branch) 125A/15V / 20%TIG Invertec ...

MIG Welders: Invertec STT II

Dimensions Product Product Input Rated Output Input Current@ Output H x W x D Weight Name Number Power Current/Voltage/Duty Cycle Rated Output Range inches (mm) lbs. (kg) Invertec K1525-1 208/230/460/3/60 225A / 29V / 60% 32/30/16A Peak Current: 23.2 x 13.2 x 24.4 117 STT II 200A / 28V / 100% 0 ...


Description Output Input Stick TIG MIG Pulsed MIG Flux-Cored Gouging Invertec ® V350-PRO Designed Smart. Built Tough. MULTI-PROCESS WELDERS Publication E5.91 1/03 Processes Advantage Lincoln Recommended General Options Order Recommended Stick Options Recommended TIG ...

Welding Aluminum with the Invertec V205-T AC/DC

APPLICATION W ELDING A LUMINUM WITH THE INVERTEC ® V205-T AC/DC BY FRANK G. ARMAO, APPLICATION ENGINEER, NON-FERROUS METALS Input Power: The V205-T will operate on either 230VAC or 115VAC single phase input power.

Stick Welders: Invertec V100-S

(1) Input power above 20% of nominal will cause internal damage. (2) Higher duty cycles can be achieved when TIG welding because the welding voltage is lower.

Invertec V405-T pulse Engels

INVERTEC ® V405-T PULSE The Invertec V405 - T PULSE has been designed and manufactured using the latest digital inverter technology. Resulting in a machine that combines versatility, rugged industrial construct ion with excellent arc characteristics.


Recommended Stick Options Description Output Input Stick TIG Gouging Invertec ® V275-S •Truly outstanding E6010 and E7018 performance using up to 7/32" diameter electrodes that enables both whip and drag techniques for a variety of construction and fabrication applications.

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