The Intusoft Difference

Page 2 L inking and E mbedding) methods to provide various input, output and array processing functions and a methodology for interfacing your own models to I S S PICE 4.

I n t u s o f t N e w s l e t t e r

who are looking for a simple way to switch between two different impedances, the Intusoft analog behavioral switch model is the best solution [6].

Using GFT Parts and Simulation Templates

1 Using GFT Parts and Simulation Templates There are 7 Simulation Templates that are used to extract the GFT properties. GFT: Dual, coupled current/voltage injection GFTE: Single voltage injection GFTEE: Dual independent voltage injection GFTJ: Single current injection GFTJJ: Dual independent ...

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conducted on your filter when used in conjunction with Intusoft’s ICAPS package. Stand-alone Netlist This example will show how to use FILTERMASTER’s ISSPICE

Switch-Mode Power Supplies SPICE Simulations and Practical ...

Switch-Mode Power Supplies SPICE Simulations and Practical Designs INTUSOFT/IsSpice Simulation Libraries and Design Templates Christophe Basso − 2007

Model Library Listings

Using Intusoft's SPICE Models To use these models directly with any other SPICE pro-gram: •Enter the proper syntax for the desired element into the input netlist.

Magnetics Designer

These templates accept the IsSpice transformer models generated using Magnetics Designer for cycle by cycle switching simulations. Rev. 02-03 Download A FREE Demo Kit!

Simulating Class C RF Amplifiers

The complete set of simulations contained in this article is available on floppy disk from Intusoft (222 West 6th St. San Pedro CA. 90731, 310-833-0710, Fax 310-833-9658) for a nominal charge.

IsSpice Training Class

of Intusoft products. Interface Technologies’ classes are designed to provide the following benefi ts : - Minimize the time to learn the Intusoft products

Personal Computer Circuit Design Tools

15 Tutorials Intusoft Tutorials These tutorials are designed to familiarize you with the ICAP/4 circuit simulation system. If you are new to ICAP/4, we recommend that you start with the first tutorial and progress through each one.

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