i Foreword The Florida Department of Education (FDOE) developed the Guiding Tools for Instructional Problem-Solving (GTIPS) manual with the invaluable assistance of


Instructional Program Adoption Process The selection of instructional programs involves a relatively large outlay of public funds and is important to the community, particularly parents.


C HAPTER 3: I NSTRUCTIONAL D ESIGN M ODELS Overview This Chapter aims at introducing you to the systematic design process by presenting some popular Instructional design models.

Instructional Design

2 Brief Definition : That branch of knowledge concerned with theory and practice related to instructional strategies and systematic procedures for developing and implementing those strategies.

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Instructional T-ball Grades K-1 A co-ed instructional program, played on Saturday or Sunday afternoon, designed to teach the fundamental skills of T-ball.

Instructional Materials and Achievement Gaps

Instructional Materials and Achievement Gaps 1 Instructional Materials, Equity, and Science Achievement Paper presented at the 2010 meeting of the American Educational Research Association Denver, CO Susan M. Kowalski Pamela Van Scotter Molly A. M. Stuhlsatz Joseph A. Taylor

I n s t ru c t i o n a l C o a c h i n g

Coaching: A Strategy for Developing Instructional Capacity, Promises, and Practicalities. Washington, DC: Aspen Institute Program on Education and Providence, RI: ...

Helping or Hovering? Effects of Instructional Assistant ...

A s students with disabilities increasingly are placed in general education schools and classes, the use of instructional as sistants has greatly expanded.

The New Instructional Leadership: Creating Data-Driven ...

The New Instructional Leadership: Creating Data-Driven Instructional Systems in Schools Richard Halverson, Jeffrey Grigg, Reid Prichett, Chris Thomas School of Education Department of Educational Leadership and Policy Analysis University of Wisconsin-Madison This paper was prepared for the ...

National Institute of Corrections ITIP Toolkit A Guide for ...

to be training coordinators responsible for ensuring that all lesson plans followed the ITIP (Instructional . Theory Into Practice) format.

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