Fromm's Method of Social Psychology

Since Fromm used the concept of character for his social psychological insights, he called drive theory characterology; drive structure became character structure, instinctual impulses became character traits or simply passionate strivings; drive itself is conceptualized as psychological need ...


Emotional and instinctual development. (1947) 4 :458-88 13. Feeding habits, The establishment of. (1947) 4 :442-57 14. Aggression in relation to emotional development: normal and pathological.

“How the Brain Works: Prerequisites for Sound Decision ...

When this happens, the three parts of the brain are no longer communicating with one another and the instinctual/bottom part of the brain has taken control without the aid of its thinking or emotion processing parts.


Yet we still had these genetically based instinctual needs of sex, territory and dominance, that were ready to cause conflict when people lived in close proximity to one another: "keep your hands off my wife, that is mine not yours, and what's it to you buddy."


Nowadays we think it is important to keep both aspects in mind, understanding the importance of failures on the part of the caregiver, whilst respecting the disruptive power of instinctual forces that emerge from within the individual.


be an instinctual need, for instance, while “INTERACTION” is an emotional need. On the shelf, cat owners will see individual SmartyKat products identified by the special need it

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Where to Find It Guide Feeling Triad Types Two, Three, and Four Wisdom DYPT PT UTE Type Two Full Description 125-150 97-105 59-94 74-79 Short Description 127-128 97-99 59-65 74-75 Basic Fear/Desire, Superego Message 127 77-79 Childhood Pattern 129-130 65-67 77 Wing De scriptions 130-131 90-93 Instinctual Variants 131-133 ...

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But is decision-making all about the circumstances or more about the personality of the decision-maker i.e. do circumstances have more impact on decision-making if you are a more cerebral, logical individual versus an indecisive, instinctual one? ♦♦♦ 5.

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Sexual Subtype If I am a person who is a sexual subtype, I may believe I know the experience of connection, yet I never truly experience it because I compulsively need to connect in order to compensate for my deepest instinctual anxiety and the shame associated with it - the fear that I am disconnected ...

Ethology, Sociobiology, and Evolutionary Psychology

Although each specific instinct - collecting twigs at nesting time, inserting twigs into the nest and so forth - corresponds to a neural mechanism, the larger structure of instinctual behavior only emerges in the interaction between those mechanisms and the organism's natural environment.

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