United States Postal Inspection Service Annual Report FY 2010

ANNUAL REPORT> FY 2010 We are the primary federal law enforcement and security arm of the U.S. Postal Service. Our Postal Inspectors investigate criminals who fraudulently misuse the U.S. Mail to commit crime.

Inspector Helpful Hints January 18, 2008

Inspector Helpful Hints January 18, 2008 1. Confirm the inspection with the Property A. Not only during the initial phone call (followed with written correspondence) but again a few days before the inspection date B. Confirm time and place to meet escort 2.


OSHA inspectors, called compliance safety and health officers, a re experienced, well-trained industrial hygienists and safety professionals whose goal is to assure compliance with OS HA requirements and help employers and workers reduce on-the-job hazards and prevent injuries, ...

State Electrical Inspector Contact List October 18, 2011

State Electrical Inspector Contact List October 18, 2011 Inspector Name and E-mail Local Telephone TOLL-FREE Telephone Local FAX TOLL-FREE FAX Brant, Robert [email protected] 303-869-3445 855 451-9789 303-86 9-0370 855 505-8201 Cearlock, David [email protected] 303-869 ...

CBP Inspector's Field Manual

I NSPECTOR ' S F IELD M ANUAL 11 D ISTRIBUTED BY AILA P UBLICATIONS (A MERICAN I MMIGRATION L AWYERS A SSOCIATION , 2008) 14.2 Passport Requirements..... 48 14.3 Inspection of Family Groups ...


While the program is primarily directed towards inspectors and contractors, permit reviewers and public works staff will also benefit. The program's objectives are as follows: ...

Inspector Handbook (NOTAL)

All inspectors must maintain knowledge of approved inspection practices and policies. The program manager shall revoke the certification of all inspectors who fail to comply with paragraph 7.b. e. Reinstatement of an Expired/Revoked Certification.

The inspectors

Background The aim of the Occupational Safety and Health Act 1984 is to promote and improve standards of occupational safety and health at work. WorkSafe, through its inspectors, is responsible for the firm and fair enforcement of the requirements of the Act and Occupational Safety and Health ...

State of Michigan State Board of Education

State of Michigan . State Board of Education . RESOLUTION . Encouraging Voter Registration of 18 Year-Olds . and . Students to be Precinct Inspectors . WHEREAS, the right to vote is among the core values and basic liberties that this nation is

This occupation is represented in the logistics industry.

151 Transportation Inspectors Transportation Inspectors L O G I S T I C S c a r e e r s i n Job Overview Transportation Inspectors enforce safety rules to protect people and cargo.

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