Infinitives General: An infinitive is, strictly speaking, an abstract verbal noun. The infinitive is used in Latin, as in English, as a noun: Errare humanum est = To err is human.


THE INFINITIVE PHRASE The infinitive phrase begins with the word to . The phrase consists of to , the infinitive (always a verb), its complements, and its modifiers.

A. infinitives

1 9HUEVZLWK*HUXQGVDQG,QILQLWLYHV A. infinitives 1. VERB + NP + INFINITIVE Some transitive verbs can be followed by only infinitive (complement) clauses, and not gerund clauses or that clauses.

The Infinitive An infinitive - .] E XERCISE - CHAPTER 14: THE ...

Grammar, Usage, and Mechanics: Language Skills Practice 73 Copyright © by Holt, Rinehart and Winston. All righ ts reserved. The Infinitive An infinitive is a verb form that can be used as a noun,an adjective,or an adverb.

à + infinitive

When the following verbs are followed by an infinitive, the preposition à is required.

The category of the to -infinitive

7 The category of the to -infinitive 7.1 Introduction The infinitival marker to is homophonous with the preposition to and points toa to -PP as the most likely origin of the to -infinitive.


Thamil Paadanool, Chapter 9 by Elango Cheran 2 1/24/2004 Ngh 3 Nghf "Going To ...", Etc. In English, we sometimes say "They are going to buy things" or "We went to play".

Understanding Verbs: Gerunds, Participles, and Infinitives

It is a good test to determine if an infinitive is functioning as an adverb: "If an infinitive or infinitive phrase can be moved to the beginning of the sentence, then that infinitive or infinitive phrase modifies the verb" (199).


Infinitive and Conjugation Unit 1 1 Infinitive and Conjugation The infinitive is the name of the verb and the form under which a verb usually appears in a dictionary.


If the infinitive verb is of the other type, then the sentence is grammatical, (7b), (9b). 7) Controlled infinitive --Matrix subject antecedent a. * maiN [PRO apnee-aap-par kroodh aa-naa ] nahiiN caah-tii huuN.

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