Quantitative modeling of trace element fractionation during ...

Comparison of IDM with Incongruent Batch Melting Schilling and Winchester (1967) and Gast (1968) developed models for modal batch melting. Shaw (1970) first introduced the case of varying mineral proportions during eutectic melting by modeling nonmodal batch melting.

Change, Leadership, and Vision

Move slowly, and allow success to motivate further efforts . Breaking Routines, Incongruent Organizational Systems

The context-specific proportion congruent Stroop effect ...

CONTEXT-SPECIFIC PROPORTION CONGRUENT STROOP EFFECT2 Abstract The Stroop effect has been shown to depend on the relative proportion of congruent and incongruent trials.

Polygons Folding to Plural Incongruent Orthogonal Boxes

CCCG 2008, Montr´eal, Qu´ebec, August 13-15,2008 Polygons Folding to Plural Incongruent Orthogonal Boxes Ryuhei Uehar a ⁄ Abstract We investigate the problem of finding orthogonal poly-gonsthatfoldto plural incongruent orthogonal boxes.

Personal versus situational factors in the elicitation of anger

Goal incongruent events most often led to negative reactions when the event was personal, and reactions seem to reflect anger as well: goal incongruent personal events were associated with more anger and with more negative reactions than goal incongruent situational events.

Encoding Under Trust and Distrust: The Spontaneous Activation ...

Encoding Under Trust and Distrust: The Spontaneous Activation of Incongruent Cognitions Yaacov Schuland Ruth Mayo Hebrew University Eugene Burnstein University of Michigan Past studies of strategic thinking have shown that the encoding of the message information becomes more complex under distrust.


INCONCRUENT REACTIONS AND MINERAL SOLUBILITIES 9t3 and *qn =Y Although 4" is discussed above in the context of chemical reactions among minerals and an aqueous phase in systems closed to the compositional variable represented by the subscript c, it can also be used in the absence of irreversible ...

Schizophrenia and the Stroop Effect

In the latter case, when only the incongruent condition is used, it is not possible to look at interference, facilitation, or an overall congruency effect (incongruent minus congruent), all of which are of central interest in the current review.

A Thesis Submitted to the College of Graduate Studies and ...

negotiating culturally incongruent healthcare systems” explains the access to and use of formal healthcare from the perspective of those living in Northern Saskatchewan.


307 The C anad ian Mineralo gi st Vol. 32, pp. 307-317 (1994) SIGNS OF INCONGRUENT MELTING OF CLINOPYROXENE IN LIMBURGITE, THETFORD HILL, VERMONT M.J. HIBBARD Depamrcnt of Geological Sciences, University of Nevada, Reno, Nevadn 89557, U.S.A. JAMES J. SJOBERG U.S. Bureau ofMines, Reno Research ...

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