In The Gravest Extreme

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If you have no other option than to resort to deadly force, you still want to find a way out of the gravest extreme safely if possible. If you have time and can draw your firearm and not use it, this is infinitely better than the grave alternative.


In particular, it cannot be stressed too heavily that all gun owners should own a copy of 'In the Gravest Extreme' and re-read it periodically.

The Gun Digest Book of Combat Handgunnery - Massad Ayoob

... The Shooter's Guide to Selecting Handguns Wiley Clapp In the Gravest Extreme Massad Ayoob Gun-Digest Concealed Carry by Massad Ayoob Training at the Speed of Life Kenneth R. Murray The Cornered Cat: ...


I would recommend reading Massad Ayoob's classic book, In the Gravest Extreme, to learn more about the issues involved. For deadly force to be justified, ...

Supreme Court of the United States

I aver under oath that I am the same Massad F. Ayoob who wrote the books In the Gravest Extreme and StressFire , mentioned above and quoted out of context in an amicus brief filed by the Violence Policy Center in the Heller case now before the Supreme Court of the United States. 4.

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It’s called, In the Gravest Extreme: the Role of the Firearm in Personal Protection. Dave Duffy sells it through Backwoods Home, and you’ll find ordering information on page 94 of this

Supreme Court of the United States

... In the Gravest Extreme: The Role of the Firearm in Personal Protection 2 (Police Bookshelf 1980). 16 Andrew J. McClurg, Child Access Prevention Laws: ...

DEADLY FORCE? - immediate.

Massad Ayoob's book, In the Gravest Extreme or John Farnam's more recent The Farnam Method of Defensive Handgunning, Second Edition, while you figure

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... • In the Gravest Extreme, by Massad Ayoob 130 pg. (1) • Journal on Firearms and Public Policy Vol. 7 214 pg. (1) • Journal on Firearms and Public Policy Vol. 8 203 pg. (2) ...

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In The Gravest Extreme, The Role of the Firearm in Personal Protection by Masaad Ayoob Practical, legal, and moral aspects of employing a firearm in personal defense.

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