Development of the Chromosome 21/Down Syndrome gene function ...

information implicating chromosome 21 genes in the processes of neurogenesis and signaling by NMDA receptors, and apply accumulated data to defining a new list of candidate genes for

1T2 lesion in at least two MS typical CNS regions

... evidence desirable but must be consistent with MS 2 or more Objective clinical evidence of 1 lesion Dissemination in space, demonstrated by   1T2 lesion in at least two MS typical CNS regions (periventricular, juxtacortical, infratorial, spinal cord); OR  Await further clinical attack implicating ...

Cognitive Neuroscience of Language: 11: Brain areas for ...

Implicating "non-linguistic" areas Damasio et al. (1996) 15 PET data implicating different areas of the temporal lobe in semantic processing

Benzene and lymphohematopoietic malignancies in humans

Methods Wereview the evidence implicating benzene in the etiology of hematopoietic disorders, clarifymethodologic aspects of the NCI/CAPM study, and examine the study in the context of the broader literature on health effects associated with occupational benzene exposure.

James F. Froman v. State of Indiana

ISSUES Froman raises six issues on appeal, which we consolidate and restate as the following five issues: (1) Whether the trial court abused its discretion when it admitted into evidence the testimony of a witness who recanted his statement implicating a third person in a murder after a meeting ...

Purified Mouse Anti-mDia1

The overexpression of mDia1 promoted the formation of actin filaments, implicating this protein in cell motility events regulated by Rho. mDia1 was also found consistently mutated in familial deafness.


It was only after LaCaze had Robinson arrested for knocking on the wall of her house at night that Robinson made a statement implicating LaCaze, contrary to his prior repeated denials of her involvement.

United States Court of Appeals

-12-employees implicating her in Case Center abuse. The evidence at trial, however, indicated that at the time of Smith's termination, McNeil had received only one such oral complaint implicating Smith.

William Allsup v. State of Indiana

On August 23, 2006, the State charged Allsup with Count I: murder, 1 Count II: felony murder, 2 and Count III: robbery resulting in serious bodily injury, a Class A felony. 3 Detectives later received additional information implicating Allsup in Need's murder.


However, students with higher English placements tend to have better word attack skills, implicating the role of morphological awareness in the development of more proficient English skills.

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