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2 | Perceptive Software Services Perceptive Software Services A Valued Partnership Customers choose Perceptive Software's flagship solution, ImageNow, because it's effective, flexible and quickly delivers a high return on investment.

ImageNow Worksheets - Flexible by Design

ImageNow Worksheets Enhance Data Collection With Document Worksheets Increase Your Productivity Providing instant access to the right document at the right time

ImageNow 6 User Guide

Table Of Contents iii Rescan a page in a batch..... 18 Commit entire batch as QA complete ...

To scan new documents:

ImageNow Manual 1 of 32 T ABLE OF C ONTENTS Icon References..... 1 Scanning new documents..... 2 Quality Assurance (QA) scanned ...

Imaging/Scanning Procedures

Imaging/Scanning Procedures 8 AM] file:///C|/Documents and Settings/ruthie. tate/My...My Web Site/Imaging/Scanning Procedures/Home. htm (1 of 13) [12/9/2008 11:48:4 Click "Help" on the ImageNow Toolbar for shortcuts, definitions, toolbars, icons, and more.

Viewing Invoices - Banner– ImageNow Integration Documentation

Viewing Invoices Accounts Payable Banner – ImageNow Integration Documentation Using ImageNow with Banner FWIENCD, FGITRND and Self‐Service Finance

Duke University Graduate School

ImageNow or WebNow? ImageNow is the document imaging system the Graduate School uses for the capturing, storing, and processing of documents and related data.

What's new in ImageNow 5

What's New in ImageNow 5.40? The following sections provide a granular outline of what features and other functionality are new for the ImageNow 5.40 release.

ImageNow 6.0 Sunflower Viewing User Manual

What is ImageNow Introduction ImageNow adapts to business processes and ensures that all documents are secure, quickly retrievable, and tied to the records, with comments and annotations as needed.

ImageNow WebNow Instructions

WebNow Instructions - Accounts Payable WebNow Instructions - Accounts Payable 4/28/2009 Page 1 of 6 Accessing WebNow To access WebNow: 1. Open your web browser (Internet Explorer is the recommended browser).

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