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– 2 – 60512-11-14  iec:2003(e) international electrotechnical commission _____ connectors for electronic equipment – tests and measurements –


IEC 60512-7-1 Edition 1.0 2010-03 INTERNATIONAL STANDARD NORME INTERNATIONALE Connectors for electronic equipment – Tests and measurements – Part 7-1: Impact tests (free connectors) – Test 7a: Free fall (repeated)

AMP NETCONNECT EtherSeal Qualification Test Summary

ELECTRICAL Contact resistance ΔR 20 milliohms maximum IEC-60512-2-1 . Subject mated plug and terminated jack to 20 millivolts maximum open circuit voltage at 100 milliamperes maximum.

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IEC 60512-24-1:2010 when required by the detail specification, is used for testing connectors within the scope of technical committee 48. It may also be used for similar devices when specified in a detail specification.

DERATING CURVES (Current carrying capacity) IEC 60512-5-2 Test 5b

Page 1 DERATING CURVES (Current carrying capacity) IEC 60512-5-2 Test 5b 2 Test 5b: current carrying capacity (derating curve) 2.1 Purpose This test is designed to determine the current carrying capacity of an electro-mechanical component. 2.2 Principles 2.2.1 Determination of the current ...

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IEC 60512-2-1 IEC60068-1 IEC60529 Insertion and withdrawal force Mechanical operation Materials Housing material Dielectric material Gasket material Contact plating


Pages 14-16 2 Normative references Replace: IEC 60512-2:1985, Electromechanical components for electronic equipment; basic testing procedures and measuring methods ...

Series 80 Mighty Mouse Technical Reference Complete Product ...

EIA-364-28 Test Condition V Letter I IEC-60512-6-4 100 milliamp test current 50- 2,000 Hz 37.80 g rms Gunfire vibration No discontinuity of greater than 1 microseconds, ...

CB Series "PogoPin" Connectors

IEC-60512-9 Test 20a 15 sec. exposure to fl ame per fi g. 4 VG 96934-1. 21 Day Humidity (Damp heat, Long Term) No deterioration which will adversely affect the connector.

DIN connector test Valukumpu

DIN C-female DIN C-male Connectors with nickel-palladium plating in contact area. Test report In compliance with IEC 60603, DIN 41612, IEC 60512 and IEC 60068.

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