Comparison of HYDRAN and laboratory DGA results for electric ...

Comparison of HYDRAN and laboratory DGA results for electric faults in ester transformer fluids Jie Dai, Imadullah Khan, Z. D. Wang and I. Cotton School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, The University of Manchester, Manchester M60 1QD, UK Abstract - Due to the properties of ...


Technical Specifications for the HYDRAN® 201i System

Functions Gas level, hourly and daily trends (adjustable); gas level, gas trends and fail alarms; history logging; periodic sensor test; calibration, configuration and self-test; networking; modem control; remote software upgrading Communications One port, user selectable as local RS-232 (DB-9 ...


HYDRAN M2 Fault Gas and Moisture Monitor

GE Tensor's™ MWD Resistivity Tool FACT SHEET Features * Fault gas and moisture in oil monitoring - Single valve installation with no additional piping required.


Instruction Manual

Hydran ® M2 Part 16374 Rev. 3, May 2006 iii SAFETY WARNINGS IN SIX LANGUAGES [UK] (in English) WARNINGS: • All procedures in this manual must be strictly adhered to.


Hydran* S2 Fault Gas and Moisture Sensor - fact sheet ...

GE Energy Key differences between Hydran S2 and Hydran M2 Hydran* S2 Fault Gas and Moisture Sensor fact sheet Features Hydran S2 Hydran M2 Differences Communication



GE Tensor's™ MWD Resistivity Tool TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS Substation Automation Solutions HYDRAN ® M2 FAULT GAS AND MOISTURE MONITOR Specifications General Specifications are subject to change without notice.


HYDRAN (Premium Hydraulic Oils—ISO 22 to 68*)

HYDRAN (Premium Hydraulic Oils—ISO 22 to 68*) Every day, more and more demands are being placed on hydraulic systems - more production, hotter conditions, higher pressures, and longer operating hours.


HYDRAN 201R Model i

HYDRAN ® 201R Model i On-Line Monitoring of Transformer Key-Fault Gases "POWER FOR TODAY... VISION FOR TOMORROW" GE Energy Management The HYDRAN ® instruments are early warning devices that will alert personnel to developing fault conditions that could lead to equipment failures and ...


System Technical Specifications

Meets IEEE ® C37.90 and IEC ® 255-4, 801-2, 801-4 standards HYDRAN ® 201C i-C Communications Controller Remote electronic controller for the HYDRAN ® 201Ti Intelligent Transmitter; it provides network communication capabilities for groups of one to four H201T i .


Hydran*M2200/C Online Acetylene Detector

GE Energy Overview When transformers show fault conditions that involve electrical arcing, acetylene—a key gas indicator—is produced. Once this hazardous gas begins to appear in the oil, it is certain that severe transformer problems have begun to develop and that catastrophic failure may ...


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