New York City Office of Emergency Management Michael R. Bloomberg, Mayor READY NEW YORK HURRICANES AND NEW YORK CITY cover photography: Jonathan Gaska, Queens CB 14 COASTAL STORM TERMS Hurricane Season June 1 to November 30 * Tropical Cyclone An organized rotating weather system that develops in ...


Microsoft Word - 1112tvsked.doc. CAROLINA HURRICANES 2011-12 TV SCHEDULE All Times Eastern • All televised games in high definition PRESEASON SCHEDULE Day Date Opponent Time TV Mon. Sept. 19 at Buffalo 7 p.m. Fri. Sept. 23 Nashville 7 p.m. Sun. Sept. 25 Winnipeg* 5 p.m. Wed. Sept. 28 at ...

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What will happen to a hurricane that runs through this oil slick? • Most hurricanes span an enormous area of the ocean (200-300 miles) — far wider than the current size of the spill.

Estimating Annual Numbers of Atlantic Hurricanes Missing from ...

Estimating Annual Numbers of Atlantic Hurricanes Missing from the HURDAT Database (1878-1965) Using Ship Track Density G ABRIEL A. V ECCHI AND T HOMAS R. K NUTSON NOAA/Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory, Princeton, New Jersey (Manuscript received 27 April 2010, in final form 22 October 2010 ...

Weather Types I-Thunderstorms, Tornadoes, Hurricanes

Copyright © 2009 Discovery Education. All rights reserved. Discovery Education is a Division of Discovery Communications, LLC •Twirl the end of the bag and hold with one hand to trap the air inside. •Quickly pop thebag with your other hand to make it go bang!

Different ways to look at a hurricane

A Quick Wrap-up •As hurricanes move across the water they consume energy in the form of heat from the surface of the water. •There is a lag time after the hurricane moves past and the drop in SST •After the drop in SST there will be a normal rebound back to normal seasonal temperatures.

Hurricane are Tropical Cyclones

Hurricane Energy Source •Hurricanes (a.k.a. Typhoons, Tropical cyclones) are giant engines that convert heat into wind energy. •Consider a rain rate of 2 inches per day over an area of 300 mi radius ...

What Happens to Animals during Hurricanes?

What Happens to Animals during Hurricanes? http://www.nsta. org/main/news/stories/science_scope.php?news_story_... 2 of 7 3/3/2006 10:05 AM Balloon debris found on Jupiter beach after Hurricane Wilma. associated with debris, oil pollutants, and disrupted nesting sites.

ARE YOU - READY? - How to get ready for hurricanes

ARE YOU . READY? Unlike tornadoes, which can strike with little warning, hurricanes are much easier to predict, usually giving residents in high-risk areas time to prepare.

Hurricane Vulnerability in Latin America and The Caribbean ...

The case of hurricanes in the United States, however, is not necessarily representative of tropical cyclone impacts in other re-gionsorofthe impacts of other phenomena such as floods.

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