What part of Florida experiences the most hurricane strikes?

Tracking Hurricanes: Where do hurricanes come from, and where do they go? Equipment: pencil storm position information available from National Hurricane Center ...


HISTORICAL HURRICANES IN SOUTH CAROLINA Hurricane Hugo September 10-22, 1989 Time of Landfall: 12 a.m., 9/22/1989 Saffir/Simpson Scale Category: Category 4 Location of Landfall: Sullivans Island, SC Estimated U.S. Damage Costs: $7 billion Maximum Winds at Landfall: 140 mph Estimated U.S. Deaths ...

An average of five hurricanes strike the

Hurricane Why talk about hurricanes? There are no other storms like hurricanes on Earth. Views of hurricanes from satellites located thousands of miles above the Earth show how these powerful, tightly coiled weather systems are unique.


Unit Overview Unit Description: The focus of this unit is to combine the students' experiences of Hurricane Katrina with the study of the formation of hurricanes and their effects in order to prepare for future hurricanes.


Weather: Hurricanes ©2004-2009 THE HURRICANE Terrance looked out the window. The sky was dark and full of storm clouds. The clouds were moving in circles.

10 Most Hurricane Vulnerable Areas

Twelve criteria were used to evaluate the vulnerability of US mainland areas to hurricanes. Cyclonic energy (hurricane frequency and storm intensity) ...

Coastal Change During the 2008 Hurricane Season: An Overview

Figure 2: Hurricane-force wind fields and tracks of Hurricanes Gustav and Ike. Red boxes show the extent and location of areas referred to in the text.


hurricanes between the 45-year period of 1921-1965 (24 landfall events) and the 45-year period of 1966-2010 (7 landfall events) was especially large (Figure 23).

FNS Responses to 2011 Hurricanes

FNS Responses to 2011 Hurricanes As of January 18, 2012 FNS Responses to 2011 Hurricanes As of January 18, 2012, FNS provided over $119 million in Disaster Supplemental

Characteristics of a Hurricane

G109: Weather and Climate 13: Hurricanes Structure of Hurricane Structure of Hurricane • Formed from large number of thunderstorms arranged in a pinwheel formation É Bands of heavy convection and precipitation separated by areas of weaker uplift and less precipitation É Below ~7.5 km: inward ...

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