Humidaire Incubator Model 20

1590 Instruction Manual 2

NO. 1590 ELECTRONIC THERMOSTAT HOVA-BATOR OPTIONAL ACCESSORIES ITEMS INCLUDED WITH THIS INCUBATOR Hova-Bator top with elect ronic thermostat and fan Thermometer Wire Floor Plastic liner with humidity troughs Hova-Bator Bottom No. 1614 Goose Egg Turner provides automatic turning for 12 to 16 eggs ...


The eggs were hatched in a Humidaire Model 20 incubator and the chicks (n -- 4) reared by methods described by Ratti (1977) and MacVean (1988), at Club Auto Safari Chapin animal park in Guatemala.

Feeding America:

All dairy cattle 20 mos. of age, ... Vegas Model & dbl. bred Peppy San Badger on papers, great disp., ... Large redwood cabinet-type electronic Humidaire incubator, w/auto turners, excel. cond., $550.

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